28th Arya Maha Sammelan.

7/19/2018 2:00 PM

28th Arya Maha Sammelan.

28th Arya Maha Sammelan. “Vedic Values and Practice in Modern Times.”

Great opportunity to interact with numerous Vedic Scholars, Meditation experts about living a stress-free, peaceful, harmonious life. Special interactive learning and cultural programs for the youth.

Invited Dignitaries

H. E. Acharya Devrat ji - Keynote speaker and Chief Guest

Dr. Raj Pandya - Distinguished Guest and Speaker, Friday evening
Mrs. Neera Bahl - Distinguished Guest and Speaker, Saturday Evening
Invited scholars
Swami Aryavesh Ji
Dr. Rajendra Vidyalankar
Acharya Ashish Darshnacharya Ji
Dr. Vinay Vidyalankar
Swami Sampoornanand Ji
Acharya Anand Purusharthi Ji
Dr. Surya Nanda
Swami Pranavanand Ji
Shri Vinay Arya
Shri Dharmpal ji Shastri
Dr. Somdev Ji Shastri
Acharya Vedshrami Ji
Acharya Hari Prasad Ji
Dr. Amarjit Ji Shastri
Sammelan agenda outline can be viewed here
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Other ways to support:

  • Put a commercial Booth at sammelan venue for $500.
  • Buy a dinner table (8 seats) for $750 on one of the cultural nights
  • Sponsor a youth to attend program for $400
  • Sponsor a Swami Ji/Scholar for $500

Arya Samaj Leadership Summit during the sammelan

In accordance with Arya Pratinidhi Sabha America’s goals and objectives to propagate Arya Samaj and our Vedic teachings and to unite the Ved Prachar activities, APSA proposes to organize an Arya Samaj Leadership Summit.

The urgency in taking immediate action is evident by our less than stellar attendance to most Vedic Mandirs and Mandir events, the lack of cohesion and unity, and sometimes disjointed effort in the dissemination of our Great Vedic teachings.

The primary objective of this summit is to bring together the leaders from all Arya Samaj organizations across North America in a retreat type atmosphere; facilitate workshops related to the challenges which are universally faced by local organizations, (i.e. attendance, uniformity) help to identify synergies where we can all benefit and help each other to build upon our individual organization’s experiences.

In the past, we have attempted to host this meeting on several occasions and found it difficult to coordinate, so we are proposing to conduct this meeting during the Sammelan (1 hour every morning8 AM – 9 AMfromFridaySunday). This will be the least intrusive on the Sammelan activities as well as being most efficient since leaders will be at the venue and no additional travel will be involved.

At this time, we humbly request that you submit to us, the names of nominees for this Leadership Summit. Preferably these are people who are influential members or leaders of your Organization who holds our Aryan principles close to their hearts, who are committed to spreading our Vedic Teachings, and who are active in organizing local activities.
With your help, this will be a great initiativeto allow for coordination and planning of activities, and establishing a common direction which will help us all to succeed in our Aryan Mission - Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam.
It is our goal - and responsibility - to truly propagate the Arya Samaj into the future.
Please send the the names of your nominees as soon as possible via email tomahasammelan@gmail.comso we could better plan on making ourtime together very productive.

Register via http://tinyurl.com/ams2018apsa

Dates: (7/19-22) Thursday - Sunday, July 19-22, 2018
Times: 1pm Thurs to 1pm Sun
Venue: Century Center Mariott, Emory Area, 2000 Century Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA 30345.
Contact: Arya Pratinidhi Sabha America 347-770-2792, bhuvnesh@aryasamaj.com, http://tinyurl.com/ams2018apsa

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