BAGA: Cricket

11/11/2017 8:00 AM

BAGA: Cricket

BAGA: Cricket
BAGA announces our first official Cricket Tournament

Let's take you back to the days of our gully cricket.
আমার ব্যাট, আমি ব্যাটিং করবো ফার্স্ট।
যে ক্যাচ ভাঙে, ওকে বল আনতে হবে।
দাদু, বলটা দেবে?
ওয়ান টিপ্, ওয়ান হ্যান্ড আউট।
ও ব্যাটিং পারেনা, ললিপপ বল দে।
ওই বাড়ি পেরিয়ে গেলে, 4 runs.
বল নর্দমাতে পড়লে, নো রান।

Do you remember your Sunday morning ritual as a kid?

Waking up at 6 AM, meeting your "para" friends, heading to the part of our society that had some free space for 10 people to run around, setting up a make shift wicket at the batting end & a brick at the bowling end, dividing teams, having the toss and then... Playing cricket! 

Sometimes it was a serious match between our "parah" and their "parah".

We would go on for hours until someone's parent came and scolded us or someone broke a window or the friend who owned the bat had to leave to finish his homework. Those were the days when gully cricket thrived; that small area where we played was our very own Eden Gardens where we all tried copying Sachin's immaculate batting stance and we all dared to be 'Jonty' while fielding. 

These are memories I am sure almost every Bangali, every Indian can associate with.

Time to revive them once again. In a land we have made our own. If those days have gone by, let's bring them back. Let's bring our "para" back here.

BAGA is excited to announce our first cricket tournament. Winning matters, but participation matters more.
And let us actually see if you can do all the things you claim every year at Pujo - about how you were great at batting, about how if your dad had let you be what you wanted - you would be playing cricket for Bengal. About how many runs you have scored....

R. S. V. P. BEFORE October 21, 2017
Joy Bhattacharjee - - (404) 831-4821

Subho Nath - - (678) 823-5738
Arup Dhar - - (646) 204-6648

Arijit Chowdhury - - (312) 420-9767
Rivu Deb -


Date: Sat Nov 11, 2017
Time: 8am
Venue: Fowler Park Community Center, 4110 Carolene Way, Cumming, GA 30040
Contact: TSVP Joy Bhattacharjee, 404-831-4821

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