“Black & White: Evergreen Hits from the Golden Era"

10/2/2016 5:30 PM

“Black & White: Evergreen Hits from the Golden Era"

Rotary Club of Emory Druid Hills:
“Black & White: Evergreen Hits from the Golden Era of Hindi Cinema.”

Get ready for fun filled entertainment by professional singers from India.
This is a first fundraiser from our Rotary club.
All the proceeds from the concert will go towards several humanitarian service projects in India and USA.
The proceeds from this event will be used to support our projects to provide potable water to various villages in S India. We have already enabled many villages to drink water free of Fluoride and prevented the devastating damage caused by Fluorosis. This year our goal is 190 villages. We have already raised $10,000 and need to raise as much again. Please help!
The other project is our vision project where we provide free cataract surgery to people who need it badly. It costs us $15 per surgery. A donation of $1500 provides 100 surgeries. We have already provided 600 surgeries this year and have a modest goal of 1000 surgeries. The district matches our donation amount and then Rotary International again matches it so that your donation dollar is multiplied 4 times and really helps so many people! Please donate generously!

Date: Sunday, October 2, 2016
Time: 5:30pm.
Venue: Berkmar High School Auditorium, 405 Pleasant Hill Rd., Lilburn, GA 30047.
Contact: Krish Goyal 770-315-6262

Many of you may not know “What is Rotary” and “What does it do?” In short it is an organization with over 1.3 million Rotarians across the Globe and 7000+ Clubs, their sole purpose is to improve the quality of life in their communities through passionate services of above self. I cannot describe fully in this email but services are true, ethical, virtuous and very much needed in the World. You are all invited to witness in person the projects those are ongoing and in plan by attending the Rotary Club of Emory Druid Hill. You will be pleased to find out scores of opportunities to make life worth living by giving, by serving and with selfless endeavor.
For the music program, please see the attachment, the artists are of very talented, trained and true to the music caliber from Mumbai and Poona (Famous music/film cities of India). This program is organized by Members of Emory Druid Hills Rotary Club. This is our friendly invitation. Make plan to come, bring with you your family, friends, relatives, neighbors and all who care to serve needs of the community. We all appreciate and look forward to meet and greet you.
Best regards and thank you all.
Chittaranjan Jyotishi (Past President) 678-524-5036 and Mustafa Ajmeri (RCEDH Administrator) 678-463-6613 are available to respond your questions and inquiry.
Note: Call and arrange to collect tickets from Mr. Mustafa Ajmeri as soon as possible.

Rotary Club of Emory North Druid Hills

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