Blue Spirit Wheel: Ashta Lakshmi mantras for abundance

10/12/2014 6:30 PM

Blue Spirit Wheel: Ashta Lakshmi mantras for abundance

Mantra Chant Satsang tonight at 6:30pm
Aṣṭa Lakṣmī Mantras for Abundance


at Vista Yoga
2836 Lavista Rd, Suite D, Decatur, GA 30033

Free admission!
Donations gratefully accepted.

Last week's mantras:

aiṁ śrīṁ klīṁ śrīṁ santāna lakśmyai svāhā

aiṁ śrīṁ klīṁ śrīṁ vijaya lakśmyai svāhā


Join us for the fourth of a four week series exploring the energy of Lakṣmī, the goddess manifestation of abundance, achievement and contentment!

Each session will begin with a recitation of the Aṣṭa Lakṣmī Stotram, an eight verse, devotional song which praises the qualities of Lakṣmī's various forms. Then we will practice two of the Aṣṭa Lakṣmī mantras each week until all eight have been completed.

Aṣṭa Lakṣmī represents the eight secondary manifestations of the Goddess of Abundance, they are as follows:

Ādi Lakṣmī (Primordial)
Dhānya Lakṣmī (Grain)
Dhairya Lakṣmī (Courage)
Gaja Lakṣmī (Elephant)
Santāna Lakṣmī (Progeny)
Vijaya Lakṣmī (Victory)
Vidyā Lakṣmī (Knowledge)
Dhana Lakṣmī (Money)

There will be a brief discussion about the nature of each manifestation and their relationships to modern life.

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