Chai & Just Chat: Childhood, the 1st 10 years

12/15/2019 3:00 PM

Chai & Just Chat: Childhood, the 1st 10 years

 The first ten years (Childhood Development) : Development, Education, Policy & Well-being

Register for December 2019 Chai & just Chat
Join us for Chai & just Chat on December 15, 2019 from 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM entitled, " The first ten years: Development, Education, Policy & Well-being “. Register to attend.
The session is in collaboration with Ivy League Academy, Cumming.

Literature shows children’s experiences in the first years of life establish the foundation for ongoing learning and progress and hence is critical. Achieving high-quality and education for all children will require meaningful public policy interventions, community involvement, technology, academia to tackle the main problems with the current system and investments.The problems with the current early learning system seem to be multifaceted either lack of resources for working parents and or lack of access to affordable care and education.

Expert panelists in the field will discuss the key elements of a high quality early learning system. The panelists will elaborate on the successes and challenges that exist to expand and improve early learning system locally or regionally. The ways to discover concepts, innovative ideas and best practices to increase program effectiveness. What roles does business community or grassroots organization have in mobilizing support for early education? A setting that promotes healthy child development for children to succeed in school and in the workforce.

The power of public dialogue between panelists from varied backgrounds— government administrators, educators, policy makers, mental health counselors, parents, children will discuss the importance of supporting healthy development from birth to ten years.
Additionally, listen to the children answer questions on the wake of the holiday season.

What’s in it for you:
After the Chai & Just Chat, it is anticipated that we will have answers to the following questions to the early childhood development and learning.
  1. Ways to get buy in at all levels
  2. What is needed for a comprehensive data system for continuous quality improvement
  3. Identify resources and support for family child care     
  4. Heighten the awareness on what is needed to build and sustain high quality early learning systems
  5. Well prepared early learning teachers with professional development opportunities
  6. What will work for individual families while navigating the process
  7. Identify urgent needs in the early learning space that impact the youngest learners 
Bring your curiosity, questions and comments to the discussion.


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