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 ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival

Attendees at Chantlanta 2015 (last year's event) donated $5,000.00 to our charity partner, The Learning Tea! This year, Safe Girls Strong Girls will be our ChantLanta 2016 charity partner. For more information about this important local charity, please visit their website:

Family Room for Kids' Activities (see below)

ChantLanta goes green! (see below)

Dates: March 11-12-13, 2016
Times: ​Schedule below
Venue: Druid Hills Baptist Church (The Church at Ponce and Highland), 1085 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Friday, March 11th, in the Social Hall
7:00 pm -- Doors Open!
7:30 pm -- Ecstatic Dance Atlanta
8:30 pm -- Gongscapes with Yogiray

Saturday, March 12th, on the Sanctuary Stage
11:00 am -- One Voice
12:30 pm -- Murari Band
2:00 pm -- Kalidas & Amah Devi
3:30 pm -- Atma Sangeet
4:30 pm -- Stage Closed for Sound Checks
7:00 pm -- Mantra Ma
8:15 pm -- Phil McWilliams
9:30 pm -- Blue Spirit Wheel

Saturday, March 12th, in the Selah Center (descriptions below)
10:30 am -- Chakra Vocal Toning with ISTA Angels
12:00 pm -- Mantras on the Mat with Karen Dorfman and Ian Boccio
1:15 pm -- Monkey Chant! with Grady Cousins
2:30 pm -- Shamanic Dance with Muse for Life
3:45 pm -- Sonic Yoga with Maha Devi and Chandika
5:00 pm -- Sacred Harp Singing

Saturday, March 12th, in the Parlor (descriptions below)
10:15 am -- Shamanic Drumming with Lisa Wiggins
11:30 am -- Sacred Sound Bath with Twilight Reveille
12:45 pm -- Native American Chanting with Tom Blue Wolf
2:00 pm -- Mantras for Healing & Protection with Sumati Govinda
3:15 pm -- Intro to Didgeridoo with Joshua Roberts
4:30 pm -- Rhythms of Consciousness with Chuck Cogliandro

Saturday, March 12th, in the church
11:00 am - 5 pm: Children's activities (see bottom of this page)

Sunday, March 13th, in the Selah Center
4:00 pm -- Mantra and Breathwork with Phil McWilliams & Phil Love

3/12 Workshops in the Parlor:
The Shamanic Journey with Lisa Wiggins
10:15 am
The shamanic journey is a powerful way to receive guidance and facilitate emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. Let the energy of the drum raise your vibration and expand your consciousness beyond the confines of ordinary reality.

Sacred Sound Bath with Twilight Reveille
11:30 am
Twilight Reveille is an Atlanta-based sacred sound orchestra composed of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, shamanic drums, Native American flutes, and didgeridoo. we invite you to join us on a sonic journey to relaxation, where true healing and transformation take place. Please bring anything that will make your meditation more comfortable, ie yoga mat, pillow, blanket, eye pillow, etc. We look forward to serving you!

Earthkeepers Tribal Revival, Following the Moon with Tom Blue Wolf
12:45 pm
Exploring Tribal Medicine songs that reawaken the heart to the ancient dream of the rhythm and migrations that were a way of life for all our people when we walked lightly upon the earth mother. |

Mantras for Healing & Protection with Sumati Govinda
2:00 pm
During this workshop we will practice a few Sanskrit mantras together, feel their healing effects and to help establish them in our minds. We will learn mantras for peace, joy, love, and balancing the energetic forces that are present in all that is manifest. Mantras are wonderful tools in our yogic tool kit to help us live fuller, happier and healthier lives. Join us for this beautiful opportunity to enrich your life through the power of mantra. Sumati is joining us from Yogaville in Virginia!

Introduction to the Didgeridoo with Joshua Roberts
3:15 pm
In this workshop we will be going over how to: 1) Get a didgeridoo to make sound, 2) Get a didgeridoo to make different sounds, 3) Get a didgeridoo to make continuous sound using circular breathing,

Expanded Consciousness with Simultaneous Rhythms with Chuck Cogliandro
4:30 pm
Using the voice, handclaps, percussion tubes, and stepping, you will be part of the creation of a group experience of multiple simultaneous rhythms that will provide an opportunity to relax and join the deep universal rhythm that always carries you. To play one rhythm while singing another cultivates subtle fields in the brain and the environment that foster dynamic stillness and the opening of the heart.

Chakra Vocal Toning with the ISTA Angels
10:30 am
Experience the powerful technique of Chakra Vocal Toning to resonate and balance your chakras. Vowels carry the “information energy” of speech, whereas consonants act to modulate or break up the energy flow. Explore the harmonics naturally present in the vowels associated with the chakras, and the power they carry when combined with intention and focus. Learn how to adopt Chakra Vocal Toning into your everyday practice to create calm and focus in your life.

Mantras on the Mat with Karen Dorfman & Ian Boccio
12:00 pm
Join Karen and Ian for a unique yoga experience! Mantras on the Mat is a combination of asana and mantra practices. Karen leads the class through fluid Vinyasa sequences, breathwork and restorative poses. Ian provides live music and leads the group in chanting simple mantras during the class. The core of this experience is how the poses and the mantras are specifically arranged to complement one another, creating a great expansion of energy. Bring your mat! ,

Monkey Chant with Grady Cousins
1:15 pm
The foundation of the workshop is inspired largely by the vocal interlocking rhythms of Balinese Kechak (known as Monkey Chant to most Westerners). The workshop is about Vocal Rhythmic Interplay and the Body as Generator of the Voice through Breath. It is about Holding Ones Own Voice Strongly while Interlocking with the Voices of Others in Community. It is about releasing ones Voice and Body into greater freedom and expression. Expect laughter and improvisational voice exploration as well.

Shamanic Dance with Muse For Life
2:30 pm
Activate the space for deep wisdom as we travel through the multiverse of being with sacred music and movement. Dive deep and ground ~expand and fly~ while harmonically paired instrumentation and movement guide you into the nectar of soul.

Sonic Yoga with Maha Devi, Chandika & the Kashi Kirtanwallas
3:45 pm
Sonic Yoga is a dynamic and energetic practice set to the soul-stirring sounds of live kirtan, to help you deepen your practice as we playfully find our inner rhythm. Kirtan is from the bhakti path of yoga. It can open the heart and lift you up. When it is combined with yoga poses, it’s rich, deep, inspiring and fun. This is a mixed level class that could challenge your edge. To ensure you have the best time, please have at least six months experience of a consistent yoga practice.

Sacred Harp Singing
5:00 pm
Sacred Harp, also known as Shape Note music, is a joyous 200-year-old, uniquely American style of hymn singing. We sing not for performance, but for joy and we encourage you to participate regardless of whether you think you are a good singer or not, but if you prefer, you can just listen. Appealing to all, Sacred Harp singing has been interdenominational since it began. We will offer a brief introduction to Sacred Harp singing to cover the basics and then... Singing!

ChantLanta 2016
March 11, 12 and 13

aDruid Hills Baptist Church
1085 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Free and Open for Everyone!!!

A Charity Benefit in Support of
Safe Girls Strong Girls

Join us for the 7th annual ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival! It is with deepest gratitude that we present the program for our 2016 event. Once again it is shaping up to be a beautiful community gathering, we hope to see you there!

We are very happy to be holding this event in the newly renovated Druid Hills Baptist Church, which is now completely handicap-accessible! We are also very excited to be welcoming Andrea Zoppo and Ladybug Events, who will be partnering with us to provide programs for children throughout the day on Saturday!



Mantra Ma

Phil McWilliams

Blue Spirit Wheel

One Voice

Murari Band

Kalidas & Amah Devi

Atma Sangeet

Ecstatic Dance Atlanta

Sonic Yoga


Mantras on the Mat

Sacred Harp Singing

Shamanic Drumming

Twilight Reveille

Monkey Chant

Sumati Govinda

Chuck Cogliandro



Sacred Sound & Movement

Tom Blue Wolf
Family Fun Activity Room!

Saturday, March 12th
from 11:00 am
until 5:00 pm

in The Church at Ponce and Highland
1085 Ponce de Leon Ave, Atlanta, GA 30306

FREE admission!
Donations gratefully accepted on behalf of
Safe Girls Strong Girls

ChantLanta is very excited to announce a new partnership with Ladybug Events to provide entertaining and uplifting programs for kids of all ages! The Family Fun Activity Room will be on the top floor of the church, right next to the elevator and the Selah Center. Take a look at this cool lineup!

Ladybug Events presents a fun and engaging space where all ages are welcome to enjoy activities, yoga geared for children and laughing, and sing song performances. All youth must be accompanied by a guardian to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Organized performances and programs will occur every 15-30 min and last 15-45 min.

Performances and programs 11-5pm

  1. Magic Compost Bucket Musical Puppet Show and Educational Compost Parade
  2. Family Fun Yoga and Art Activity led by George Bachman
  3. Interactive Storytelling by Christy Foelsch of Kids Go Wild
  4. Kidding around Yoga with John Splaine
  5. Kids Kirtan and Sing Along with Guru Greenthumbs

Kids Craft and Activity Tables 12-5pm

  1. Ladybug Events
  2. SoulShine PreSchool and Afterschool Program
  3. Kids Go Wild
  4. That Pottery Place
  5. George Bachman/ Kids Art Activity
  6. Sylvia Cross of Sycamore Place Gallery

All youth must be accompanied by a guardian
to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Ladybug Events LLC is an education and talent agency specializing in providing entertainment, programming and events in a manner that encourages sustainable practices and supports our local economies.

Our team of talented entertainers and educators provide wholesome, down to earth, creative fun. We are well known as birthday party hosts, community organizers, and event planners. You may have seen us at farmers markets, local parades, and other neighborhood events. 

Andrea Zoppo is Miss Ladybug and has been an entertainer all her life. Growing up in a family business, All American Clowns and Characters, she entertained as a clown, characters, and more at countless events. In 2008 she established her character, Miss Ladybug, while providing programs and working with children at local community gardens and schools. Since then, she has been organizing community events, classes and providing magical entertainment with art and garden education all over metro Atlanta. Ladybug Events is a collection of Miss Ladybug's services combined with her talented friends who share in her passion to spread creativity and joy within our community. 

Visit for more info and to book your next celebration.

ChantLanta Goes Green!

in The Church at Ponce and Highland
1085 Ponce de Leon Ave, Atlanta, GA 30306

FREE admission!
Donations gratefully accepted on behalf of
Safe Girls Strong Girls

We’re excited to announce that 2016 is the year that ChantLanta is going green! Our intention is to strengthen the connection between yoga practice and environmental stewardship.

The first of yoga’s eight limbs is the yamas, which offer direction on living daily life. One of these is ahimsa (nonviolence). Stewardship for the environment can be seen as a facet of ahimsa—a way that we can be less harmful towards the planet.

We’ve identified several ways in which we can reduce the environmental impact of this event. To this end, you’ll see some changes at ChantLanta 2016:

~ The Church at Ponce & Highland now has water fountains with filtered water. We encourage you to bring your own water bottle; we will also offer water bottles at the ChantLanta merch table. We will not have any plastic cups or bottled water.

You can also bring a reusable mug for beverages from the vendors! Or a spoon or fork, rather than using a disposable utensil.

~ We’re composting! All food and compostable trash will be picked up and used by Compost Wheels (also a sponsor this year). Look for bins marked specifically for compost. All food trash can go in!

~ We’re recycling! Look for bins marked specifically for recycling, and be sure that what you add is on the list of acceptable materials (on the sign). For example, taking a moment to quickly rinse a glass bottle makes the difference between making it acceptable in the bin or not.

If you have questions or want suggestions, please contact Stephanie

Thanks for your support towards our community being greener and kinder! Look forward to seeing y’all very soon.

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