Chinmaya Mission Atlanta

3/1/2023 7:30 PM

Chinmaya Mission Atlanta

Hari Om!

Vivekachudamani (verse 37) says:

शान्ता महान्तो निवसन्ति सन्तो , वसन्तवल्लोकहितं चरन्तः ।
तीर्णाः स्वयं भीमभवार्णवं जनान् अहेतुनान् यानपि तारयन्तः ॥ ३७ ॥

śāntā mahānto nivasanti santo vasantavallokahitaṃ carantaḥ |
tīrṇāḥ svayaṃ bhīmabhavārṇavaṃ janān ahetunān yānapi tārayantaḥ || 37 |I

There are good souls, calm and magnanimous, who do good to others as does the spring, and who, having themselves crossed this dreadful ocean of birth and death, help others also to cross the same, without any motive whatsoever.

Do not miss the opportunity of spending a day with our Brahmacharini Jyotiji for the "Vasanta Ramanam" camp during this spring season on Saturday, Mar 11th from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM. Program highlights include -Satsang, Yoga, Meditation, Hands-on learning experience, games, and much more. Lunch and snacks will be provided. 

The camp is limited to the first 25 families.

Please see below the flyer for more details and register here -


Dr. G.V. Raghu.
Chinmaya Mission Atlanta 
5511 Williams Rd. Norcross. GA.30093 
Land: 678-615-7088
Cell: 478-213-6103
"Happiness depends on what you can give, not on what you can get"
Swami Chinmayananda

Mar 04, 2023 Rama Thirumanjanam @ 7.30 AM
Mar 11, 2023 Day Camp @ Niketan with Brni. Jyotiji
Mar 18, 2023 Gita chanting Competition-Format A
Mar 20, 2023 Masa Shivaratri Rudrabhsishekham @ 6.30 PM
Mar 25, 2023 Gita chanting Competition-Format B
Mar 19th or 26th, 2023 Holi – weather permitting
Mar 31, 2023 Rama Navami -Laghu Kalyanam @ 7.00 PM
Apr 02, 2023 Spring Break – NO BV Classes
Apr 09, 2023 Rama’s Birthday Bash
Apr 15, 2023 108 Hanuman Chalisa
Apr 18, 2023 Masa Shivaratri Rudrabhsishekham @ 6.30 PM
Apr 29, 2023 Rama Thirumanjanam @ 7.30 AM
May 07, 2023 BV Graduation Day  @ 2.00 PM
May 14, 2023 Bala Vihar Annual Day 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM
May 18, 2023 Masa Shivaratri Rudrabhsishekham @ 6.30 PM
May 27, 2023 Rama Thirumanjanam @ 7.30 AM
Jun 12th to 23rd, 2023 Summer Camp @ Niketan
Jun 16, 2023 Masa Shivaratri Rudrabhsishekham @ 6.30 PM
Jun 24, 2023 Rama Thirumanjanam @ 7.30 AM
Jul 02, 2023 Guru Purnima -Paduka Puja @ 6.00 PM
Jul 16, 2023 Masa Shivaratri Rudrabhsishekham @ 6.30 PM
Jul 16, 2023 Varshikotsavam – Sita Rama Kalyanam
Aug 03, 2023 Gurudev’s Mahasamadhi Day
Aug 14, 2023 Masa Shivaratri Rudrabhsishekham @ 6.30 PM
Aug 19, 2023 Rama Thirumanjanam @ 7.30 AM
Sept 01st to 4th, 2023 Labor Day Camp @ Calvin Center
Sept 16, 2023 Rama Thirumanjanam @ 7.30 AM
Sept 13, 2023 Masa Shivaratri Rudrabhsishekham @ 6.30 PM
Oct 07, 2023 Rama Thirumanjanam @ 7.30 AM
Oct 13, 2023 Masa Shivaratri Rudrabhsishekham @ 6.30 PM
Nov 04, 2023 Rama Thirumanjanam @ 7.30 AM
Nov 11, 2023 Masa Shivaratri Rudrabhsishekham @ 6.30 PM
Dec 02, 2023 Rama Thirumanjanam @ 7.30 AM
Dec 11, 2023 Masa Shivaratri Rudrabhsishekham @ 6.30 PM
CORD USA Summer Service Visit 2023  

Announcing CORD USA Summer Service Visits 2023! Please note at this time applications are open only for chaperones. It will open for students only after we fill chaperone requirements. Please do not submit the application form now if you are a student, it will not be considered. Chaperones and students must be present for the entire span of the program, not possible to attend only part of the service visit.

Details of the visit:

Where: CORD Sidhbari, Himachal Pradesh, India
Dates: July 8th, 2023 – July 22nd, 2023.
Registration Fee: $1500
– $250 non-refundable fee per person for application registration
– $1250 after the application is accepted.

Please note: you must meet the visa requirements as per Govt. of India regulations or should have an OCI card to participate in these Service Visits.

All of our service project visits have been very rewarding, considering the dramatic impact that it has had on the participants. The success of the service visit is very much dependent upon the chaperones. For that reason, we are opening the service visit application only for the chaperones first and will open it for students after this is filled. If you have a child/children you would like to apply for the service visit, you can mention their names in the “Volunteering Activities”. They will have to submit a full application separately when it becomes available and should meet all the qualifications. However, preference will be given to the chaperone’s children.

As a chaperone, we require a recommendation from your center coordinator. Please make sure you type all email addresses correctly as we are not responsible for typos in your application.

Once submitted, you will receive an email acknowledgment. Further information will be sent by email. Make sure to check your spam folder as well.

Payment and visit details are in the FAQ document. You must download, read and accept the chaperone guidelines, terms & conditions before applying. Applications are evaluated by a National team and their decisions are final.

Apply here –

If you have any questions or concerns, I am just an email away. Thank you and all the best!

Subha Varma Pathial
Tax ID - 27-0540459
(866) 580-5508

Hari om! Salutations.

With the grace of Pujya Gurudev, this year Chinmaya Mission West is bringing together entire Chinmaya family in-person for Pujya Gurudev’s “30th Chinmaya Aradhana Mahasamadhi Camp 2023”.

The 30th Chinmaya Aradhana Mahasamadhi Camp 2023 will be hosted by Chinmaya Mission Chicago at the Waterford Banquet & Conference Center, 933 S. Riverside Dr. Elmhurst, IL 60126 from July 29 – August 3, 2023. Camp will begin on August 29th evening with inauguration and will conclude after Chinmaya Aradhana paduka puja on August 3, 2023 by noon. Hotel rooms are available and registration of the 30th MSC will open soon. This camp will be led and conducted by Swami Swaroopananda, Global Head, Chinmaya Mission.

Please save the date and spread the word to all members of your center and community. Details are coming soon.


Hari om

In His Service

Aparna Devi Jujjavarapu

Secretary, Chinmaya Mission West


Hari Om! Salutations! 

Swami Swaroopananda, Global Head, Chinmaya Mission, will be visiting the United States this summer in the months of July-August, 2023. Continuing from last year where Swamiji began the Bhagavad Gita Marathon retreat with the first 6 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita, this year, Swamiji will be continuing the Bhagavad Gita Marathon Retreat, covering Bhagavad Gita Chapters 7, 8 & 9.

This retreat will be held in-person from July 5 – 11, 2023 (Arrive July 4 afternoon, depart July 12 morning) at Krishnalaya, Piercy, CA.

This is an excellent opportunity to come together for an in-person satsang in the abode of Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda at Krishnalaya, along with Swamiji and other sadhaks. There will also be meditation and other satsang sessions.

Registration is open at

Please share this will all members of your center and community.

Opportunity to Serve HIS Vision

Hari Om!  

"What you have is His gift to you. What you do with what you have is your gift to Him." - Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

Pujya Gurudev has given all of us - His vast family - the opportunity to be part of His tremendous work and to keep His vision glowing. These seva opportunities are available in countless inspiring ways, which many members may not even be aware of yet. These include Facilities Management, Accounts, Talent Management, Legal, Property Matters, PR & Relationship Management, IT, Design, Content Writing, Digital Media and many more specific roles as well, in a professional capacity.


Those who are aligned to the vision of Chinmaya Mission and wish to serve full-time or for a fixed number of part-time hours, onsite or offsite, are invited to complete the form at the following link, and to connect with the team at CCMT for further discussion:


I request you to share this announcement with all members and contacts, with the request that they too share it forward as widely as possible. 


With Prem & OM!
In His Service, 

Manisha Khemlani 
Chief Executive Officer

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