Combating Thefts & Burglaries

2/29/2020 4:00 PM

Combating Thefts & Burglaries
Register for the February 2020 Chai & just Chat
Join us for February 2020 Chai and Just Chat, " What Next : Combating thefts & burglaries in our communities " on Saturday, February 29, 2020 from 4:00–6:30 pm. The session is in collaboration with Fulton County District County Attorney Office. 

The proposed Chai & Just Chat panel of experts will examine the crime statistics data and ways to interpret it to help define the specific problems in communities. Panelists will highlight their action steps since the last discussion and will provide answers to question on how we reduce crime. What are the areas at risk? Discussion will include the evidence based community crime prevention programs or strategies to reduce crime. No society is free from crime. Panelists will reiterate the ways that communities can join hands to deliver education and awareness programs.
The Chai and Just Chat is designed to encourage debate on the role of multi-agency approach to crime prevention and tackling the root causes of crime and addressing the risk factors.
Experts will discuss the coordinated contributions by police, courts, communities, school system and policy makers, social organizations in an attempt to prevent residential & crimes of the current era.
Lessons from neighborhoods that experience less crime than others and what makes a safe community? Are there quick solutions to this problem? What are the interventions designed for communities to encourage action, promote behavior change and to take up simple crime prevention measures?
Additionally listen to the testimonials & frustrations from our everyday community members who have been victims of residential or cybercrime; the financial and the emotional trauma. What is their message to others?
The power of public dialogue between subject matter experts, law and enforcement officials, social media experts, HOA leadership and reporters will not only address the opportunistic crimes but also simple actions to prevent it.
What’s in it for you:

After the Chai & Just Chat, it is anticipated that we will accomplish the following:

What does it take to continuously create a safer community? How do the law & enforcement officials face challenges when dealing with juveniles committing crime?
A coordinated strategic plan. Social prevention programs with a support from community, school, family and an infrastructure.
Understanding the underlying causes of violence & crime against vulnerable communities.
Police cannot universally prevent crime, community policing and individual citizens to take responsibilities.
Participating in the community task forces
Avoiding falling prey to cyber-stalkers, high-tech crimes
Effectiveness of criminal justice system

Findings, conclusions and action plans resulting from our Chai & Just Chat will help promote broader understanding the diversity of approaches to safeguard the personal data & prevent residential crimes.
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