"Coming Together Across Differences"

5/26/2018 4:00 PM

"Coming Together Across Differences"
Register to attend our March Chai & Just Chat
Coming Together Across Differences: The Cult in Culture or the Dent in Identity

Please accept this invitation to join us for Chai & Just Chat, "Coming Together Across Differences: The Cult in Culture or the Dent in Identity" on May 26, 2018. Registration deadline is May 23,2018. If you have registered, you need not register again.  No cost to participate. Open to the public. REGISTER

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The proposed panel discussion at the Chai & Just Chat will explore the factors contributing to individual's cultural identity & the conflicts to fit in with the mainstream culture. “Who am I” and the things that make up a certain way of life; beliefs & values, language, dress style, food, music and stories. Subject matter experts will address the concept of culture, cross cutting factors in race, ethnicity, culture and perspectives that allows to celebrate and influence a broader community. In addition, the elements that strengthen identity, their importance, engaging the young along with the opportunities to shape and define who we are will be discussed.

Additionally listen to the brief presentation of the Intercultural music from artists

The power of public dialogue between diverse panelists will offer core understandings on individual identity / choice, social category and cultural identity as an evolving concept and discuss solutions on social issues of the contemporary world within a multi-ethnic environment. 

What’s in it for you:
After the Chai & Just Chat, it is anticipated that we will accomplish the following:

  • Realistic foresight will build knowledge, attitude and leadership skills needed and associated to improve interaction among different cultures.
  • Information specific to how and why people from different cultural backgrounds in the United States construct their identity within various categories
  • Insights to create positive and strong cultural competence and exploring cultures within cultures.
  • Perspectives from entrepreneurs, diplomats, community members, business owners on challenges and opportunities for intercultural understanding and cooperation
Findings, conclusions and action plans resulting from our Chai & Just Chat will help promote broader understanding, forge common ground, leverage available resources to explain the different aspects of values and traditions.
Chai & Just Chat details

Date:      May 26 , 2018
Time:      4 pm– 6:30 pm
Venue:   Nazeera LLC
Conference Hall,
6475 East Johns Crossing,
Johns Creek, Georgia, 30097
No Cost to participate & Open to the public.
Registration required. 
Click the link below to register for the Chai & Just Chat.

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