Dharma Gurukul

9/16/2017 8:00 AM

Dharma Gurukul

Dharma Gurukul
Ages 12-17

Dates: Sat-Sun, September 16-17, 2017
Time: 8am - 4pm
Venue: Radha Madhav Society, Yugal Kunj Center, 2769 Duluth Hwy 120, Duluth, GA 30096,
Cost: $150
Register: dharmagurukul.com
Contact: 678-920-6669, info@radhamadhavsociety.org, yugalkunj.org


ABCD… American Born Confused Desi is a very popular term known amongst people of Indian origin living in United States.  This confusion or identity crisis of the Indians is not only limited to the US but expands to most western nations.  One of the most frequently heard challenges is their inability to provide sufficient religious, cultural, and spiritual guidance to their children.  Not only do all parents want their children to know, understand and value their cultural and religious heritage, but also to confidently incorporate it into their lifestyles and proudly represent it.


It is a natural and appropriate expectation that should be easily achievable.  But in today’s world, we all know that this is a difficult task due to a strong influence of modern culture and changing lifestyles. Children often lack the knowledge and guidance that is necessary to help them to not feel ashamed or shy of their own roots.  Incomplete and scattered information often makes them more confused and overwhelmed at times.


 However, it is not impossible to help them if we do so collectively.  If ‘we’ truly value the importance of spirituality and cultural heritage in the individual lives of our children, then there is hope.  We can help the youth of our community to build up a robust and true identity of self to make better choices in life. 


Keeping the above purpose in mind, we have started a weekend program, “Dharma Gurukul,” to make an effort to empower the youth in the right direction by systematically explaining the rationality behind the Vedic wisdom. This will enable them to be familiar with a variety of dimensions of their rich heritage and allow them to have a more appealing and meaningful journey towards life.


Dharma Gurukul is a Not for Profit Organization that focuses on providing ‘Samskar’ and quality education (spiritual, religious and cultural) to the youth and train them in practical Vedic wisdom that enables them to become better individuals of the society.  We strive to communicate the importance of harmonizing within the family to develop a culture of love and respect in the home and in the society.  Our focus is on helping students in developing a Vedic lifestyle that includes good food habits, cultural awareness, spiritual practices, addiction free healthy living, and religious knowledge.


Students are introduced to Vedic principles with clarity, simplicity, and purpose, so that they are able to rationalize practices with logical understanding.  We offer courses, seminars and trips that are well structured. The curriculum is prepared under the guidance of religious leaders, spiritual international preachers, experienced teachers, and scholarly professors who have experience in their fields. 


Students of Dharma Gurukul are taught through the latest audiovisual technology along with dynamic interactive discussions and debates.  Our courses include specific age appropriate activities and games to enhance the learning in a fun way.  We often bring guest speakers, plan picnics, and have festival celebrations to include a variety of experiences for our students. 


Through our “Sacred Safari,” students can visit India to gain practical experience of what was taught in the classroom.  Also, the parents of our students can take advantage of our parenting seminars. We are happy to offer personal guidance to those students who are more interested in receiving an in-depth understanding on specific topics.  


We welcome you to register for our courses and take advantage of this opportunity.  We look forward to render some meaningful service to the community.  For more information and to register for our courses please visit our website www.dharmagurukul.com.


Nidhi Jani

(Principal, Dharma Gurukul)


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