Futuretech Vibha Champions Cricket Cup

4/21/2018 8:00 AM

Futuretech Vibha Champions Cricket Cup

Futuretech Vibha Champions Cricket Cup


 · Hosted by Vibha Atlanta

At Vibha, we have been promoting exciting competitive cricket in our Atlanta community for the last 19 years through our annual Vibha cricket tournament. 

Over the past several years we have seen great participation & enthusiasm from our community that has continuously encouraged us to keep going and scale new heights. As we reach our 20th edition this year, we intend to take this sought after cricketing event in the Atlanta community to a completely new level.

To mark the 20th milestone year, we have upped the stakes of the Tournament by introducing prize money* for the Winners & Runners up in both Men's and Women's tournaments. $1000 will be awarded to the winning team and $500 to the runners up. The tournament is also being elevated to a professional level with use of new polymer* cricket pitches to ensure all teams get a fair and consistent playing environment.

With the 20th year we are also introducing:
Free Professional Cricket Gear (Track shirt & pants*)

End of year Celebration Banquet attended by a celebrity star Cricketer* (to be announced soon)

Captains game to raise awareness about Vibha and influence pledging by participating team members 

Kids' games to encourage and promote Cricket with the new generation
Like every year it has been our sincere effort to keep the spirit of the game alive in our community, with the same spirit we want to Welcome you all in the celebration of Cricket, by registering for the 'Future Tech Vibha Champions Cricket Cup'.


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