GSU: World Languages Day

9/29/2017 10:00 AM

GSU: World Languages Day

World Languages Day

Hosted by the Center for Urban Language Teaching and Research (CULTR), a U.S. Department of Education Title VI NFLRC, World Languages Day is an information fair highlighting the central role that global skills, particularly language proficiency, play in the growing opportunities for globally minded careers and services. Showcasing businesses and professions that value language expertise, this lively event connects high school and college students with leaders in international commerce, social services, and governmental agencies in order to raise student awareness of the benefits of language study and global competency and to help students create a “map” from language success to a future professional career.

The next World Languages Day will take place on September 29, 2017. Register today!

The next World Languages Day will take place on September 29, 2017. Register today!

Your participation matters to students and to the future. While employers seek to strengthen existing relationships and move into emerging markets, the U.S. workforce continues to experience the “global skills gap” with its worldwide competitors. This disparity stems from the United States lacking skillsets such as language proficiency or cultural competency emphasized across competing workforces in other countries. By encouraging students to pursue these high demand skills, participating organizations can help lower the unemployment rate, reduce unfilled jobs, and provide future employees with the training they need.


World Languages Day offers an opportunity to directly interact and grow with the community. Assembling hundreds of students, teachers, and businesses from across the region, participating organizations can highlight their commitment to developing key relationships, supporting diversity, nurturing youth, and embracing different cultures. World Languages Day Sept 2016More than ever, it is vital for students to hear the voices of business, non-profit organizations, and government agencies who value potential employees with language skills, study abroad experience, and empathy for cultural competence. By participating at World Languages Day, your school or organization has the opportunity to join CULTR in the effort to close the global skills gap by impacting the education of hundreds of students. Come share with students information about how globalization and language proficiency interact to further business goals, reach international markets and make a difference in an increasingly interconnected world.

The next World Languages Day event will be taking place on September 29, 2017 at Georgia State University, Student Center, Ballroom 55 Gilmer Street, Atlanta, GA 30303. As we are approaching this date, please register your school or organization to participate today: be an exhibitor or a sponsor. For additional information, please contact CULTR at

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