Global Health and Humanitarian Summit

4/15/2012 10:00 AM

Global Health and Humanitarian Summit Venue: School of Medicine, 1648 Pierce Dr., Emory University, 
and Woodruff Health Sciences Administration Building (WHSCAB), 1440 Clifton Rd.
Parking: Michael St. Deck, 550 Houston Mill Rd.

FREE Parking and Events.

Humanitarians from all over the world will gather for the 3rd annual Global Health and Humanitarian Summit hosted by the Emory School of Medicine (SOM).

A cross-disciplinary festive conference, it has speakers, exhibitors, and performers in all areas of humanitarian aid and peace building, locally and internationally. Conference organizer Neil Shulman, associate professor at Emory SOM, says "We hope to create a synergy and contagious positive spirit of celebrating, connecting and learning about the joys of helping others."


Friday April 13th -- 7pm - 10pm    

Saturday, April 14th --  8:30am-10pm

Sunday, April 15th -- 10am - 9pm 

Saturday speakers include:
Sat. 11am-1pm / WHSCAB
Midha, Inuka: South Asian immigrants' health,
Sadiq, Sufyan: hygiene
Sat. 11am-2pm / SOM 130
Bilal, Mohammed: Ethics/Law, flood relief in Pakistan
Sat. 11am-3:30pm / SOM 120
Rao, Devika: how to use the media to "do good" ,
Rawal, Sucheta: Volunteer vacationing
Umar, Shifa: community-based rotations
Sat. 11am-6pm / Harland Cinema
Verma, Shaun: health careers,
Sat. 2-6pm / SOM 130
Bandyopadhyay, Sonny; Meera Shah, et al: healthcare, education, microfinance, etc.
Sat. 3-4pm / SOM A170
Laughter yoga of Madan Kataria,
Sat. 4-6pm / WHSCAB
Kapil Bhatia: life expectancy,
Narayan, Athi, with Kalpana Manthiram, Deepa Ranganathan, and Vasanthan Kuppuswamy: infant mortality Sat. 4:30-5:30pm / SOM P178
Jeet Singh: living standards & aid efforts in India

Schedule and registration (free):,,

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