Gokuldham: July-Aug events

8/26/2017 9:00 PM

Gokuldham: July-Aug events

Gokuldham: July-Aug events

We need everyone's help at new haveli for to organize everything.
Haveli Opening Volunteer Work meeting -  Time 10:00AM Saturday
Volunteer Seva - work date: Time 11:00am to 3:00pm
Date: August 5, 2017 at new Haveli location
Lunch will be provided.
Kids also can come to enjoy playing cricket, bike riding or can help in every area.
New Haveli Address: 2397 Satellite Blvd., Buford, GA 30518. Haveli entrance is on Horizon Parkway
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gokuldhamatlanta/

July 11 to August 10- Hindola Darshan- 6:15 onwards (All Saturday & Sunday, Mahaprasad will be served after Hindoal Darshan)

July 11  to 14 Surang na Hindola                 July 15 Lilo-Mevo na Hindola 
July 16 
Shak-Bhaji na Hindola                       July 17 to July 19 Sona na Hindola
July 20 & July 21 Chandi na Hindola          July 22 Phool na Hindola
July 23 Hariyali Ghata na Hindola               July 24 & 25  Sona na Hindola
July 26 Chundli Lehriya na Hindola            July 27 Chandi na Hindola
July 28 Nagarvel na Pan na Hindola           July 29 & July 30 Suko Mevo na Hindola
July 31 to August 2 – Chandi na Hindola   August 3 to August 5 Pavitra na Hindola
August 6 Moti na Hindola                             August 7 & 8 Sona na Hindola  
August 9 & 10  Surang Na Hindola –Vijay in Shrinagar

August 15: Tuesday- Janmastami Darshan
                                 Mangla: Panchamrut Darshan
                                 Rajbhog : Tilak na Darshan
                                 Uthapan: 6:00PM, Shayan : 8:00PM
                                Jagran Darshan : 9:00 PM to 11:45PM
                               Janma Darshan & Panchamrut Darshan: 12:00AM

August 19 – Saturday Nand mahotsav celebration
                        5:00PM Palana Darshan & Matki Fod- Mahaprasad will be served.

August 26 – Saturday- Nand Mahotsav Celebration, Matki Fod at Albany, GA. Details will be provided soon.
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/Gokuldhamatlanta/, www.gokuldham.org

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