Gokuldham events

2/22/2020 1:00 PM

Gokuldham events

Following Events will take place in February 2020
at Gokuldham Haveli Atlanta:

1) February - 01 (Saturday):
Vasant Panchami
Darshan Time: 5:30 pm onward
(Mahaprasad will be served after Darshan)


  Maa Saraswati Pujan
Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

We will be performing *Saraswati Puja* on this day at 10:30 a.m. This pujan is open to all kids and youth. Anyone interested in this pujan is requested to register and be present at 10:00 am at GOKULDHAM.

*Details for the pooja*

$11 for participant of any age to participate in the puja.

All puja samagri will be provided by Gokuldham.

Open to all kids, friends and families of all ages.

* Significance of the Saraswati puja *

Maa Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of wisdom, learning, arts, knowledge, music and speech. The Sanskrit word “Sara” means “Essence” and “swa” means “self.” Thus, Saraswati means “the essence of the self.” Saraswati Puja is observed on the “Vasant Panchami” (January / February) day. Vasant Panchami is the significance of arrival of “Vasant” (Spring) after winter season.

On this day, students, teachers, artists, writers, musicians and absolutely anyone connected to the world of knowledge, art and teaching, worship her. This day is considered auspicious for a child to start learning.

2) February - 09 (Sunday):
Hori Danda Ropan
Time: 5:30 pm onward

3) February - 15 (Saturday):
Shri Nathaji’s Patotsav
Darshan Time: 5:30 pm
(Mahaprasad will be served after Darshan)

4) February - 20 (Thursday):
P.P.Go.108 Shri Aashrykumar Mahodayji’s Pragatotsav
Palana Darshan Time: 11:30 am

5) February – 22 (Saturday):
Surati Ponk, Undhiya & Jalebi ni Ujani
Time: 1 pm to 8 pm
(To go boxes available)
Also Bake Sale:

Gita class. Class is held on every other Saturday at 4:30 pm. In next class on January 25th, We will start Adhyay (Chapter).

Youth class is held on every other Saturday at 5:30. The next class is on January 25th as well.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend and understand the description and importance of divine song sung by Lord Shri Krishna in the form of "Shree Bhagwad Gita" to find answers of every situation in human life.

Apart from this, We have Satsang on every Saturday from 05:30 pm onwards. Mahaprasad is served after the Satsang every Saturday.

Everyday after Rajbhog, mahaprasad is served to the devotees present.

Venue: 2397 Satellite Blvd, Buford, GA

Contact: 770-492-4346

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