HOPE. DINE. UNWIND. fundraiser

6/16/2016 6:00 PM

HOPE. DINE. UNWIND. fundraiser

Everyone loves to eat out. Enjoy dinner with friends and family, proceeds will be donated to HOPE.
A local nonprofit founded by young adults in Atlanta, GA. HOPE seeks to change the world by embodying the values of building awareness, engaging the community and fundraising for nonprofits focused on basic needs with sustainable solutions. To help accomplish these goals and educate the community, HOPE makes long term partnerships with nonprofits that align with its values to host a variety of engaging events to bring the community together in a fun way.
HOPE encourages young professionals to realize that changing the world is not a task left for the politicians or giant corporations. There are small things each of us can do to make the world a better place.

Your suggestions for future restaurants or cuisine type are welcome.

According to Georgia Restaurant Association Atlantans spend more of their food budget on dining out than any other city in America.
With more than 17,000 restaurants, it's no wonder Atlanta's restaurant scene is ranked one of the greatest in the country.
Atlanta locals eat out on average 3.2 times per week - which is not only HIGHER THAN THE NATIONAL AVERAGE of 3.1 times per week - but also HIGHER than in New York (3.0), Chicago (2.8) and Boston (2.5).
In other words...people in Atlanta love to eat out ANY day of the week!

Date: Thursday, June 16, 2016
Time: 6pm-10pm
Venue: Masti - Indian Street Eats, Toco Hills Promenade, 2945 N Druid Hills Rd, Atlanta, GA 30329
Contact: hope.fsm@gmail.com, tel. 313-312-HOPE (4673)

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