“How Invaders and Rulers in India Left Its History”

9/13/2017 10:00 AM

“How Invaders and Rulers in India Left Its History”

“How Invaders and Rulers in India Left Its History”
Part of OLLI Emory University Continuing Education.
Instructor: Chaplain Manhar Valand, PharmD, MS
This course will cover the following questions: how rulers converted Hindus over last 1,000 years to leave their mark on Indian History; why Islamic invaders documented death & destruction and left records and chronicles in Arabic; who wrote what; how did Indian History get altered forever?; and can the oldest lessons of tolerance and respect from the East be taught to the West? Greeks, Huns, Portuguese, French, British, and aliens all came to seek wealth in India. Today, these same Indian aliens learn their lessons well, seek fortunes, migrate & travel all over the world. What do they bring - something quintessential. Is it an accident that they blend everywhere easily? Is it this for common good? What do Indians have to say about those who live in the spirit of learning?

Supply fee: $20 (covers book). Tuition: $69

Manhar Valand B.S. MA (Phil) is trained Hindu Chaplain conducting Adult Spiritual Classes for last 15 years for Chinmaya Mission Atlanta at Hindu Temple of Atlanta.

Date: Wednesdays, September 13, 2017 to November 2, 2017
(9/13-11/2, Wednesdays)
Venue: 6 Executive Park Dr Campus NE Atlanta, GA 30329.
Cost: $69, $20 for book. Free coffee & parking.
Register: here
Contact: 404-727-6000 x2, olli.emory/edu

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