Ian Boccio Satsang: Chanting to Awaken Root Chakra

1/4/2015 6:30 PM

Ian Boccio Satsang: Chanting to Awaken Root Chakra

Satsaṅg 2015 Cakra Series, Week 1:
Mūlādhāra Cakra

Sunday, January 4th, 6:30 pm

at Vista Yoga
2836 Lavista Rd., Suite D, Decatur, GA 30033

Free admission!
Donations gratefully accepted.

Join us for the first in a seven week Satsaṅg series of chanting mantras to awaken each of the cakras in order!

We will begin with the Mūlādhāra Cakra, the root cakra, which represents the element of Earth and the subtle body's ability to remain grounded with the needs of physical existence on the material plane. We will be chanting three mantras: the Gaṇeśa mūla mantra, the Ḍakinī Devī mantra for the goddess manifestation who rules the root cakra, and the Mūlādhāraṁ Sambudhayate mantra for awakening the cakra itself.

Chant sheets will be provided!

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