Immigration webinar on student detentions

1/31/2019 7:00 PM

Immigration webinar on student detentions

Immigration webinar on student detentions

By American Telugu Association

As the news started trickling in about the arrest of indian students,the friends of the affected students called ATA team for guidance and help.ATA team swungs into action. Since 8AM, ATA team has reached out to the friends of these students, advising and counselling about the next course of action. ATA team has reached out to the Indian Ambassador Shri Harshvardhan Shingla, and the Indian consulates in Washington DC and Atlanta. The Indian consulates are looking to reach out to the Department of Homeland Security. ATA has contacted several attorneys and have confirmed that arrest warrants for 600 sudents have been issued and 100 of them are arrested, all of them, connected to the Farmington University. eight agents have been` arrested and taken into custody of the ICE (Immig and Customs enforcement). ATA is planning to hold a webinar on 01/31/19 with immigration attorneys Ravi Mannam, Michael Sofo and Hemant Ramachandran from the law firm of Mannam & Associates LLC, to guide and counsel the sudents to be watchful with fake agents who promise illegal ways to stay in USA with admissions in unaccredited colleges. The attorneys will also counsel on what constitutes violation of immigration rules and the best ways to follow the law.

Date: Thurs, Feb 31, 2019
Time: 7pm
Venue: online

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