IndianRaga: Fellowship Applications

7/7/2016 1:00 PM

IndianRaga: Fellowship Applications

IndianRaga Fellowship applications: open now

What are Raga Labs?
Launched successfully in over 25 cities in North America and India, Raga Labs are Indian Music and Dance workshops where you learn, perform and shine. A group of 8-10 musicians or dancers come together to learn an exciting piece in an interesting arrangement, get trained in how to perform and present it effectively, and then actually record it in a professional audio-video production environment! Each Raga Lab takes place over 3 months at a day and time decided by the group and the instructor, but is very flexible and well spaced out to make sure it blends seamlessly into your busy schedule! Using technology effectively, we record each session and make it available so even if you miss a session you can catch up! What’s more – You can take most sessions remotely, so even if you are traveling, you can just login and join the team from wherever you are! Click here to see the detailed three month schedule of a Raga Lab.

The final videos are released by IndianRaga on the Raga Labs channel, and thousands of audiences engage with it through social media!
Participants in the past have used these videos for college applications, resumes, and as beautiful memories for life to record and capture their artistic talent!

Interested? Sign up today to learn about opportunities near you.
We are already accepting applications, and the final project dates will be decided based on participants' convenience, August/September 2016.
Contact:, 617-849-3752,

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