Mantra Chant Intensive

12/9/2016 7:00 PM

Mantra Chant Intensive
Mantra Chant Intensive

Dates: December 9-11, 2016

Session 1: Fri. Dec. 9, 7-10 pm
What is a mantra? Deities and Bodhisattvas, daily practice, using a mālā, chanting mantras for Gaṇeśa, Sarasvatī, and the Great Compassion mantra.

Session 2: Sat. Dec. 10, 2-5 pm
Learning the Sanskrit alphabet and correct Sanskrit pronunciation, chanting mantras for Lakṣmī, Tārā, and Śiva.

Session 3: Sat. Dec. 10, 7-10 pm
Śakti, the Cakras and Nādis, seed syllables/Bīja Mantras, theories about how and why Mantra Yoga works.

Session 4: Sun. Dec. 11, 2-5 pm
The Gāyatrī and Bhaiṣajya Mantras, deeper levels of mantra practice and achieving long-term goals.​

Venue: Vista Yoga, 2836 Lavista Rd, Decatur, GA 30033

Early Registration Discount
available thru Nov30!

Full Weekend = $108
Sessions 1 & 2 only = $54
after Nov 30 = $144/$72

To register, please visit:

The Mantra Chant Intensive is intended to familiarize students with the basic theory and practice of mantra yoga as a personal, spiritual path. The full intensive requires 12 hours to complete, divided into 4 sessions of three hours each. The sessions are usually spread out across three days, allowing for plenty of down time in between for students to integrate the energies they are working with. The structure of the sessions begins with the physical elements of mantra yoga, then progressing to the intellectual, the energetic and beyond. It is necessary for the intensive to occur in a specific order to allow the students to absorb both the information and the vibrations in the most logical manner. The full intensive of four sessions will provide everything that the student needs to have a functioning mantra practice.


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