Mantras of the Cosmic Buddha

12/4/2016 6:30 PM

Mantras of the Cosmic Buddha

Cosmic Buddha
Chanting Series with Ian Boccio


Dates: Sundays at 6:30pm
Venue:  Vista Yoga, 2836 Lavista Rd, Decatur, GA 30033

Free admission!
Donations gratefully accepted.

Mantras of the Cosmic Buddha is a 5 week series featuring mantras from the tradition of Mahāyāna Buddhism. According to the theory of the trikāya ("three bodies"), the Buddha, as an archetype of enlightenment, can be experienced in three ways. The nirmānakāya is the Buddha's physical body which existed within a particular time and place for the purpose of teaching the dharma. The dharmakāya is the Buddha's liberated body which is identical with śūnyatā ("emptiness") and the goal of nirvāṇa. In between the nirmānakāya and the dharmakāya is the saṁbhogakāya, the Buddha's energy body, which is not limited by space or time. The saṁbhogakāya is divided up into 5 aspects, or families, each consisting of a Buddha aspect, a Goddess aspect and a Bodhisattva aspect. Throughout this series, we will investigate each of the Buddha families and chant their mantras.

Nov 6 -- Akṣobhya

We will explore the Vajra family of the Cosmic Buddha. Akṣobhya is the Buddha aspect of this family. His name means "imperturbable" and he is a deep blue color. The Goddess aspect is Locanā and the bodhisattva is Vajrapāni. Akṣobhya and Locanā manifest the mirror-like wisdom of still water, showing things as they truly are when freed from the ripples of the ego.

Nov 13-- Ratnasambhava

We will explore the Ratna (Jewel) family of the Cosmic Buddha. Ratnasambhava is the Buddha aspect of this family. His name means "jewel born" and he is a golden yellow color. The Goddess aspect is Māmakī and the Dharmapāla is Ākāśagarbha. The Jewel family relates to abundance, prosperity, and beauty, as they are expressed through the dharma.

Nov 20-- Amitābha

We will explore the Padma family of the Cosmic Buddha. Amitābha is the Buddha aspect of this family. His name means "infinite light" and he is a bright red color. The Goddess aspect is Pāṇḍaravāsinī and the DharmaPāla is Avalokiteśvara. The Lotus family is most directly involved in the enlightenment of the historical Buddha and the spreading of the Dharma on Earth. The wisdom of Amitābha is called viveka, the ability to separate what I said real from what is illusion.

Nov 27-- Amoghasiddhi

We will explore the Karma family of the Cosmic Buddha. Amoghasiddhi is the Buddhaaspect of this family. His name means "unfailing success" and he is a emerald green color. The Goddess aspect is Śyāma Tārā and the bodhisattva is Kṣitigarbha. The wisdom of Amoghasiddhi is all-accomplishing, and his aspects are fearlessness and spontaneous action.

Dec 4-- Vairocana

​We will explore the Tathāgata (Buddha) family of Vairocana. His name means "illuminator" and he is a white color. The Goddess aspect is Ākāśadhātvīśvarī and the bodhisattva is Māñjuśrī. The wisdom of Vairocana is called dharmadatu, which encompasses the aspects of all the other families in the pure light of nirvāṇa.

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