Osho Festival of Music and Meditation with OneSky Band

10/17/2014 10:00 AM

Osho Festival of Music and Meditation with OneSky Band

Osho Festival of Music and Meditation with OneSky Band.
with Milarepa and OneSky Band.
This year, Osho's Musician Nivedeno and Nirdosh from Brazil are joining as well!

Date: Friday, October 17, 2014-Sunday, October 19, 2014
Time: Fri 10:00am-Sun 4:00pm.
Venue: Red Top Mountain State Park, 50 Lodge Rd SE, Cartersville, GA.
Contact: 678 574 8150 – Paritosh, Web site - http://www.OshoAtlanta.com
Links to - http://www.meetup.com/oshomeditationatlanta/

Enjoy meditating to LIVE music. 
Open and touch the space of the Heart. 
Relax and be yourself in the soft, loving company of fellow travelers. 
Taste the divine nectar of inner silence. 
Wonderful vegetarian food provided. 
Be supported by beautiful natural surroundings. 
Celebrate who you are. 
Give the gift of these transforming days to yourself.

A 3 DAY Live Music and Meditation retreat on Lake Allattona led by Milarepa and the world class One Sky Band. This team knows the art of creating slience through Music.

Limited Shared Residential Facility in the Park's furnished lake side Cottages is available on first come basis. Please call - [masked] to reserve.


Red Top Mountain State Park 
50 Lodge Rd SE 
Cartersville, GA 30121

The beautiful, quite, serene, picturesque Red Top Mountain State Park is located in Cartersville, GA. The park is on I-75 Exit 285 which is about 25 miles north of Atlanta. The park is situated along the shore of Lake Allatoona and is conveniently accessed from I75 exit 285.

More about the park - http://gastateparks.org/RedTopMountain

The Group Shelter 1 is the venue for all three days. The Group Shelter 1 is surrounded by Lake Allatoona. The facility is air conditioned with a beautiful deck overlooking the Lake.

There is a small beach, miniature golf, play area very close to the Shelter. 
Ample parking is available at the shelter. 
Parking fee of $5 per vehicle is required per day. We will be given few park passes a day before the event. We will work with parking attendant so that you don't have to pay for parking.

Directions - Coming from Atlanta on I-75 North take right on exit 285 to Red Top Mountain State Park. The park is a short drive from the exit. Follow directions to Group Shelter 1. Ample parking available.

Coverage - This is a non-profit event jointly organized by Osho Atlanta family.

Following are the charges for the event - (includes participation and all meals)(does not include overnight accommodation)

Single - $300 per person or $250 if fully paid by Sept 15th. 
Couple / Family - $500 or $400 if fully paid by Sept 15th. 

Partial Day participation - (only for individual participation) 
Friday only - $100 or $90 if paid by Sept 15th 
Saturday only - $150 or $135 if paid by Sept 15th 
Sunday only - $100 or $90 if paid by Sept 15th 

Full refund will be given if your plan changes one week prior to the start of the event (10/10/14). After one week the refund will be 75%. 
On site Residential Facility - Red Top Mountain park offers beautiful lake side furnished Cottage homes. We have 3 cottages reserved with one cottage that allow pets. Cottages are shared residential facility. Each Cottage has 2 bath and can sleep 8. 
Residential cost - $25 per person per night. 
Cottage is only for friends participating in the event. Space is very limited. Please call [masked] (Anuradha or Paritosh) if you want to reserve your space or send email to [masked] 
Cottages have been reserved for Friday night and Saturday night.

Hotels Near Park -Several Chain hotels are a short drive away - Please call the hotel directly. 
Camping - Red Top Mountain Park offers excellent camping facility. Please contact the park directly to reserve -

Camping sites available in park - http://gastateparks.org/RedTopMountain

How to pay 
a. Check - Send the check in favor of 'Rohit Mathur' and mail to 3398 Palm Circle NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144. Call [masked] for any questions. 
b. Online (preferred) - Using Paypal send payment to [masked] 
Friday - 10:00AM - 9:00PM 
Saturday - 8:00AM - 9:00PM 
Sunday - 8:00AM - 4:00PM

8:00AM is Osho Dynamic Meditation on Saturday and Sunday- highly recommended to attend. 

Sannyas initiation will be on Saturday Evening. If you are interested in Sannyas initiation and receiving a Mala (beeded necklace with Osho Photo) and a new name then please contact organizers. (There is a $10 fee for the Mala) 
Breakfast will be served on Saturday and Sunday at 9:15 AM 
Lunch is around 1:00PM 
Dinner around 6:30PM 

Dress recommendation and accessories 
Some of the recommended general items are - Meditation robes (if available, maroon + white) or lose clothing, meditation cushion, Socks, flip flops, shawl. You may chose to bring a shawl, mat. The lake is very swimmable and also there is a beach near by so if weather permits it is a great opportunity to take a dip. You may need change of clothes, towel, toiletries, sun block. A bottle for water ( we will have disposable glass).

RSVP - Please RSVP at the earliest. All arrangements including Food and supplies are made based on your RSVP. If your plan changes then please update your RSVP at the earliest.

About Milarepa

Milarepa does not need special introduction to the people who are connected to the enlightened master Osho.

Here is what Osho says about Milarepa -

“Milarepa, you are my instrument. Your guitar is my guitar. Your fingers playing on the 
instruments are my fingers.” – Osho (Read the full text below)

Milarepa (USA) is a singer, songwriter, guitarist,and meditation teacher. He is director of the Osho Institute of Music and Celebration. He coordinated the music program for the Osho Commune International in Pune, India for many years. He has produced over twenty albums of instrumental and vocal music such as Garden of the Beloved, Songs of Awakening, Laughter of the Buddhas, Chuang Tzu’s Dream, Invisible Worlds, Lotus Paradise and his most recent album of songs, Daydreams. He is also creator of the meditation series Stepping Stones. He tours internationally every year facilitating events in Japan, Australia, Europe, and USA sharing and celebrating a vision of meditation, music, and celebration

One Sky Music on web - http://www.oneskymusic.com/

About his music, Milarepa says: 
"My music reflects my understanding of meditation and love. The themes of the songs are universal and will be appreciated by all travelers on the path of truth and self-realization. We are on this beautiful planet to celebrate the great mystery of life - with our songs, our dances, our silences of the heart. As humanity moves into the twenty-first century, this could never be more relevant." 

One Sky Events are an opportunity to experience the powerful, active meditation techniques of the enlightened mystic, Osho, and those from the unique Stepping Stones Series. Live music is an integral part of the program and provided by the One Sky Band, an inter-national group of musicians from around the world. 

Disclaimer - Important note – 

The participant agree to assume full responsibility for not exceeding my personalphysical limits during my participation in Osho Meditation . It is my responsibility to ascertain that there is no medical reason to prevent my participation in meditations and celebrations. These are informal gathering of friends of Osho who want to meditate in the group. The meetup group is not part of or affiliated to any formal organization in the USA or abroad. The group is not selling or promoting or providing any service. The group is a nonprofit platform for friends to come together for group meditation. Meditations are offered at private homes of the host or at rented space. I understand that I will follow the parking guidelines and other instructions and I am participating by my own will and I understand that I will take care of myself, my health, and well being during the whole event. The participant assumes all risk and hazard associated with participation. During the event few photos are taken to share on the meetup site. If you have concerns with the photos then please let the organizers know. The photos may be published on meetup site or other media sites to share.

Osho Answering Milarepa's question

(Source - The Great Pilgrimage - Chapter 6) excerpts.. 

Milarepa, neither the music is mine nor the guitar. The music belongs to existence, and the guitar belongs to you. 
You are the guitar, and this whole vast universe is the music. I am at the most just a passage for the music to reach to the guitar. That's why you don't see  my guitar -- because you don't see yourself. Who are you? On whom am I playing my music?  You hear my words and you also hear my silences, and naturally you feel a certain music surrounding me. That music is your response, your love, your trust. In a way I am not here. It has been a long time since I left this small house for the eternity. It is the compassion of eternity that this small house still goes on continuing to function. It is also your love, your prayers, your gratitude that helps my body-mind system to function. I don't have any desire to be fulfilled. All is fulfilled -- and when all is fulfilled a music arises. I don't have any ambition. 
I am a man who lives moment to moment, and I want those who love me to learn the art of living moment to moment. What happens tomorrow we will see tomorrow. 
At least one thing is certain: whatever happens, our blissfulness, our ecstasy, our dance, our song will continue -- if not on this planet, then on another 
planet. Our only problem is how to be in this moment, so totally, so intensely that we don't need another moment. Faces may be different, planets may be different, that does not mean anything. We have a key to recognize our people: in their eyes, in their faces, they are always existential. 
Milarepa, you are my instrument. Your guitar is my guitar. 
Your fingers playing on the instruments are my fingers. Can't you allow that? Milarepa, you hear my music; that music comes from the beyond. I cannot claim any monopoly, any copyright on it. And you want to see my guitar -- just look at your guitar, just look at your hands. In deep love a synchronicity happens. You start doing things which my deepest being wanted to do, but I don't know music; I cannot even recognize which is a guitar and which is a harmonium and which is a saxophone. I have never been a singer, not even a bathroom singer. I have lived in many houses in this country with many friends, and many times people have asked, "At least we were thinking you will be singing in the bathroom, but you don't sing?" I don't know singing... I am a song. I don't know singing -- you will have to sing in me. You will have to allow yourself to be totally available to me. 
You can dance and it will be my dance. You can sing and it will be my song. You can play on instruments, but your fingers will be in synchronicity with me, and  I am in synchronicity with the whole. So it is just formal to say that you are my songs, that you are my music. I am just a small passage; the beyond comes 
through me to your eyes. And because it is of the beyond it has a tremendous capacity to transform you. 
I have not said a single word to you on my own; hence I can claim originality in the literal sense of the word. Ordinarily originality means nobody else has said it, only I am saying it; that is using the word wrongly. Originality should mean it is coming from the origins... origins of life, origins of love, origins of existence. 


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