Prayer vigil Diwan for innocent devotees killed in Gurdwara Wisconsin

8/11/2012 3:00 PM

Prayer vigil Diwan for innocent devotees killed in Gurdwara Wisconsin Guru Pyari Sadh Sangat Jio

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji KiFateh.

You, as well we all are shocked to hear today the saddest news of innocent killings of Sikh devotees (shardalus) while praying in Wisconsin Gurdwara Sahib. First of all, we rushed to CNN on their invitation to let the world know that Sikh religion is most peaceful religion,respect all other religions and in their daily prayers (Ardas) wish well beingof the whole humanity (Sarbat Da Bhalla).

Your Gurdwara Sahib, Guru Nanak Mission Society of Atlanta is organizing special prayer vigil Diwan on Saturday, August 11 from3 pm to 5 pm to do Ardas for all the innocent victims who got martyrdom today August 5, 2012shooting at Oak Creek, Wisconson Gurdwara Sahib and to condemn this senseless attack on a peaceful Community and house of worship. May Waheguru bless their noble souls in peace and grant strength to the bereaved families to bear this irreplaceable loss.

We will also pray for speedy recovery of all the injured persons including the brave Police Officer who reached first at the scene, confronted the killer, killed him and got himself injured in fire exchange.

SadhSangat ji, this is the time to show solidarity among ourselves and to tell the world that we are a peace loving community and firmly stand against any type of terrorism against any community and innocent people. We also urge all the Sikh religious organization (Gurdwaras) of Atlanta to join in this vigil as one community. All other religious organizations such as Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews are also most welcome to join in to express solidarity of Humanity against killing of innocent people.

With highest regards,
Guru Ghar De Sewadars
Guru Nanak Mission Society of Atlanta Inc.,

1158 Rockbridge Road, Norcross , GA 30093

Phone 770-931-3490



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