Sitar concert: India's Rabindranath Goswami

10/12/2017 8:00 PM

Sitar concert: India's Rabindranath Goswami
Rabindranath Goswami and Ramchandra Pandit - Hindustani Music PerformanceTHURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2017, 8 – 10PM EDT
Location Cannon Chapel
Department/Organization Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies
Building/Room Cannon Chapel
Meeting Organizer/Sponsor South Asia Seminar Series
Speaker/Presenter Rabindranath Goswami and Ramchandra Pandit
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Rabindranath Goswami and Ramchandra Pandit, Visiting Artists from India; Hindustani Music Performance with Sitar and Tabla

Two visiting artists from Banaras will perform in the Hindustani tradition with Sitar and Tabla. The guest artists are also experienced educators who have preserved, presented and performed Indian classical music for audience in Banaras, on Indian stages and recording studios, and for wider global audiences.

Rabindra Goswami is a renowned Sitar player from Banaras. He is a disciple of Amiya Devi and studied with Pandit Ramakant Mishra and Dr. Balchandra Patekar. He earned many awards, is a top-level artist in All India Radio, and enjoyed a fellowship at Yale's Institute of Sacred Music in 2014.

Accompanying him is Ramu Pandit, a professional performer on Tabla. He is a disciple of Pandit Sharda Sahai and is experienced educator of Indian music for Western audiences. He has performed for All India Radio and film soundtracks. He currently directs the Sarangi Institute of Banaras and was the long-term former coordinator of the University of Wisconsin College Year in India Program.


Rabindra Goswami

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