Speak out at the Gwinnett BOC meeting!

6/18/2019 3:30 PM

Speak out at the Gwinnett BOC meeting!

The Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office announced that Sheriff Conway has opted to extend the current 287(g) agreement through the end of June 2020, pending ICE's further revision of the new agreement.  

We are deeply disappointed by this decision. We know this will be a long battle, but we are nevertheless dedicated to protecting and fighting for our communities until ICE is out of our county and state (and country altogether). 

In light of this development, we have two major campaign updates:

1) In lieu of the Week of Action and the Sunday activist training we will be re-strategizing at our next base meeting. 

2) Next Base meeting to next Thursday, June 27, 6:30pm.
At this meeting, we will begin planning next steps, and will launch a research committee.

On June ​18, we will still be having our Press Conference at 3:30pm after the 2pm Board of Commissioners Work Session. 

Lastly, just want to express incredible gratitude for all of you, your support, and your solidarity. We are extremely thankful you all have shown up, and we hope to see you consistently show up. 

Your Advancing Justice - Atlanta organizing team


Speak out at the Gwinnett BOC meeting!

Join us at the second of three Gwinnett Board of Commissioner's Meetings in May to give public comment and speak out against Gwinnett's 287(g) program!
The other dates for these meetings are:
Tuesday, May 7, 3PM
Tuesday, May 21, 3pm
The BoC meeting on 5/28 is the main Board of Commissioners meeting of May. The business work sessions are the meetings on 5/7 and 5/21, which aren't as big as the main May Board of Commissioners meetings. Those two meetings are at 3pm, and we still want to have a presence at the 5/7 and 5/21 work sessions since not that many people give public comment at those.
Location: Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center (GJAC)
What is 287(g)?
The 287(g) program is a voluntary contract between Gwinnett County and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The Sheriff’s Office, which filed for this contract, has voluntary procedures designed to maximize arrests and deportations of undocumented people, mostly for infractions as minor as traffic violations. Gwinnett has one of the harshest immigration programs in the country, with the country's highest rate of detainments (20%). This program wastes taxpayer dollars, increases distrust between communities and law enforcement, and breaks apart families.
You can learn more about this program at https://www.iceoutofgwinnett.org/!
Never given a public comment before?
Want to advocate in these meetings without giving public comment?
Look no further! We have a webinar recording you can refer to to familiarize yourself with the process of advocating at Gwinnett BOC Meetings, regardless of whether you wish to give public comment: https://tinyurl.com/287gwebinar
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Contact: https://www.facebook.com/events/794331260939494/

Dear friends, 

​[In May], AJC reported that the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office ended their 287(g) program. We commend the Bartow County for acknowledging that programs like 287(g) cause undue strain on law enforcement and do not support the safety of any communities. We urge that Gwinnett, Cobb and other 287(g) compliant counties follow suit and agree to put their communities first by ending their partnerships with ICE.

Will you join us in our #IceOutOfGwinnett efforts and tell Gwinnett to reject the 287(g)?

Gwinnett is a vibrant, thriving county in no small part due to the ever diversifying and fast-growing immigrant communities that live and work here. But, Gwinnett has one of the nation’s harshest immigration enforcement policies. Since 2009, the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office has detained and deported thousands of undocumented people. Gwinnett County alone has been responsible for over 20% of ALL ICE detainers enforced in Georgia since teaming up with ICE.

The 287(g) does not foster public safety or community engagement; rather, it encourages criminalization of people of color and immigrant families and makes it impossible for law enforcement to build trust with the communities they have vowed to ‘protect and serve.’ This may have been Gwinnett’s past, but  the 287(g) program is not the future of our county. 

Gwinnett County has spent over $13 million in local taxpayer money that could have been used to support initiatives such as public transportation, health services, or education. And, in the event of a lawsuit over these unconstitutional policies, Gwinnett County taxpayers, NOT ICE, are liable for the unlawful detention and treatment of undocumented people. 

NOW, it is more important than ever to get ICE OUT OF GWINNETT

Can we count on you to join our effort to tell Gwinnett to get #IceOutOfGwinnett?

Visit Iceoutofgwinnett.org to hear more from the campaign and find out how you can get involved now. Also, follow us on our Facebook page for latest updates and Join us during our Ice Out Of Gwinnett Week of Action! 

Sign up now!

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