Sunshine Deva with gr8FLdüde & frenz and special guests

9/2/2019 7:00 PM

Sunshine Deva with gr8FLdüde & frenz and special guests SEP2

Sunshine Deva with gr8FLdüde & frenz and special guests

 · Hosted by gr8FLdüde & frenz and 4 others

Ian Boccio says, "Looking for something different to do on Labor Day? Tired of the same old picnics and barbecues? Well, I've got something different for you! I'll be at the The Vista Room ATL on Monday, Sept 2, to play a set with Sunshine Deva, a mashup of kirtan and the Grateful Dead (a.k.a. right in my wheelhouse...), featuring Wynne Paris and no less than Mark Karan (from Ratdog and The Other Ones) on guitar. Opening set by gr8FLdüde & frenz, show starts at 7 pm. This will be a blast, hope to see you there!"

Sunshine Deva brings together Grateful Dead music, Kirtan and mantra rock. Featuring Mark Karan (guitarist with Ratdog, Planet Drum, Phil Lesh), Kirtan pioneer Wynne Paris (Krishna Das, Lovelight Festival, percussionist Romero Wyatt and bassist Ian Boccio, Sunshine Deva celebrates the chanting, dancing, meditation and prayer that can be found at the corner of Shakedown Street and Yoga Avenue. Hold on to your Mala's folks, it's going to be a groovy ride. Aiko Aiko Ram Ram
From a recent article in Poughkeepsie Times: "Sunshine Deva is billed as a mantra rock band. One half of this duo is Wynne Paris. Paris sings and plays guitar, sarod, harmonium, saz and percussion. Sunshine Deva guitarist and vocalist Mark Karan is well-known for performing in the band RatDog, which was founded by former Grateful Dead member Bob Weir. Karan has also performed with Huey Lewis and Sophie B. Hawkins. Placing a twist on it all will be the manner in which Sunshine Deva mashes up Grateful Dead songs and mantra chants.
I've seen a lot of Grateful Dead concerts. And I've done my fair share of yoga. And I have to say that Sunshine Deva really leaves its own stamp on both realms.
This band is original, bold, daring and, most importantly, really delivers. Paris and Karan have created their own thing and seem to be thrilled when folks simply join in, engage in some give-and-take and do their part to raise the spirits in the room with an unburdened sense of spirit and self."
gr8FLdüde & frenz was formed in 2007 and has been performing throughout Georgia and Alabama on a regular basis ever since. Consisting of veteran musicians from the Atlanta jam-band scene, the band has become well-known for performing both on festival stages and "an evening with..." format consisting of two long sets per show from a repertoire of well over 100 original compositions and cover songs (mainly comprised of Dead, Garcia and classic rock tunes).
gr8FLdüde & frenz is the only band to perform at each and every one of the annual Jerry Day ATL celebrations.
If you enjoy yoga and the Grateful Dead you are likely to enjoy this show. If you are indifferent toward both, you will, regardless, probably leave this show feeling better than when you arrived.
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