Swarganga: Crescendo 2016 competition

1/15/2016 8:00 AM

Swarganga: Crescendo 2016 competition

Swarganga.org presents Crescendo 2016 competition

Living in the US allows us the ability to learn about cultures from all around the world. They call us a melting pot because of how many different nationalities reside in our nation.

With each culture, there are a number of aspiring musicians that work hard at perfecting their craft. They bring to us, sounds from their nation. As of 2013, there were more than 2 million Indian-born residents in the US. The music from this particular culture is about energy and passion. North Indian Music has its own set of rules and sounds. It is nice to see that even though pop culture rules our country, there are still people who ignore the “new” sound and stay true to their origins. These Indian artists living in the US do just that. They learn from the elders and professionals at various establishments around the country. They don’t follow what is popular, they follow their passion.

The SwarGanga Music Foundation is a non-profit organization, based in Atlanta, GA that offers classes to these aspiring Indian artists. They offer the largest online database for resources in Indian Music. They believe in the passion of each artist and because of that, they hold a large competition for North Indian Music. SwarGanga allows these artists a chance to perform what they love. #Crescendo2016 is a competition held annually that consists of three categories; Crescendo Classical, Crescendo Dance, and Crescendo Bollywood. The competition begins in January and artists must go through two online rounds before they are able to be considered for the Mega Final held in Atlanta, GA. The winners receive a cash prize.

The SwarGanga Music Foundation is just one of many organizations that promote the sounds from their country. Living in the US grants us many opportunities. One of the most valuable opportunities for US residents is the ability to see the world all around us. We are able to enjoy food, music, and entertainment from these different nations. #Crescendo2016 is just one perfect example of what Indian Music looks like in the US. I am grateful to all cultures that live here and stay true to their origin. Because of SwarGanga, we are able to experience the beauty of North Indian Music. For More Information regarding the Crescendo Competition, please visit www.swarganga.org


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