TEDxPonceyHighland presents: Unearth 2019

3/24/2019 4:00 PM

TEDxPonceyHighland presents: Unearth 2019 MAR24

TEDxPonceyHighland presents: Unearth 2019

 · Hosted by TEDx PonceyHighland and Plaza Atlanta


SPEAKER... Reza Bhiwandiwalla of Icecream Walla!

Along with his brother, Reza Bhiwandiwalla is the Co-Founder of Icecream Walla, an Atlanta-based artisanal manufacturer of ice cream inspired by Indian cuisine and spices that is sold to restaurants and specialty stores in several states across the country. Reza received his MBA and Undergraduate education from Emory University. Reza also completed a Dairy Science program at Cornell University and attended the Ice Cream Course at Penn State University.

To hear him speak live on Disrupting the Industry with culture-inspired ice cream and how that ties in with helping him define his own sense of authenticity, come to our event on March 24th! REMINDER THAT TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!!

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Welcome to TEDxPonceyHighland's inaugural event - UNEARTH 2019! Our mission is to establish a platform for those sectors of the population that need spaces for their voices to be heard. This encompasses people who come from grassroots beginnings, from less-acknowledged places, difficult life experiences, or transitional spaces - such as people just out of college or graduate school, freshly stepping into the work force, working for brand-new start-ups, or who are part of programs that offer opportunities to people with lack of accessibility: refugees, immigrants, LGBTQ+, minorities, lower SES and likewise. Given today’s political climate, along with the localized population growth spurt Atlanta has been experiencing, we think it's more important than ever for overlooked voices to be heard and understood. Let’s open the gateway for challenging conversations in order to strengthen who we are as a community.
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Shakeel (Shak) Bhamani is a software engineer and versatile creative: he beatboxes, sings, drums, and dabbles in many other instruments including guitar and piano/keyboard. Shak first discovered his passion for both music and beatboxing during his time as President of Georgia Tech’s premier South Asian a capella group, Taal Taadka, and has since competed in solo performances around the country. Currently, he holds the Vice Champion title of Loopstation Beatboxing at the American Beatbox Championship.

His talk will be focused on how beatboxing is an art that can invoke emotion without the need for standard instruments or lyrics and is instead derived from various forms of expression such as vocalization, natural soundscapes, and emulation of instruments.


We are EXTREMELY excited to announce this year that we will be partnering with the historical landmark Plaza Atlanta Theatre in hosting our event for SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2019 at 4PM.

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE (SEE TICKET LINK ABOVE). For complete transparency: TEDx is a non-profit platform. That means this event, while licensed under TEDx, is entirely independently run and the team is working on a wholly volunteer basis. Therefore, all proceeds from tickets will go towards funding the event itself.

Event details:

DOORS WILL OPEN AT 3:30, so please try to arrive early so you can mix/mingle & secure a parking space & a good seat!
Parking is available in front of the theater and in the lot behind the complex. There is also parallel parking on the side streets off of Ponce.

We are SUPER stoked about our speaker line-up. We have found a diverse and inspiring group of people whom we believe align seamlessly with our theme and mission statement. Each speaker will be announced, with introductions, in succession starting now!!

As always, feel free to PM us or email tedxponceyhighland@gmail.com with any questions, concerns, comments, or if you just want to chat!

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Contact: https://www.facebook.com/events/528816954266476/

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