Vedanta Center of Atlanta: April events

4/26/2015 10:30 AM

Vedanta Center of Atlanta: April events

Time: There is silent meditation in the Chapel from 10:30-11am, before each Sunday’s talk. After the talk, devotees and friends meet in the Monastery from noon to 1:30pm, for tea, coffee, snacks and a continuation of our spiritual fellowship. Please join us! 
PS: Please be on time. The service starts promptly at 11AM.
Venue: 2331 Brockett Rd, Tucker, GA 30084
Contact: (770) 938-6673 ;,

See Calendar for details about any particular Sunday.


4/5 - 11am-noon, Talk: Steven Gold will speak on "Nice Jewish Boy Meets Rabbi Jesus"
Steve Gold will be pinch-hitting for Brother Shankara this Sunday with this talk, most suitable for Easter Sunday, about his close encounter with the great Rabbi, and how it was facilitated by the Hare Krishnas! The related subjects of resurrection and transfiguration will also be addressed.

4/11 - 10:30am, first SEVA SATURDAY of the season!
Help! Help! We need your help in the garden and on the grounds on the second Saturday! Since Br. Shankara will not be on hand to assist, and Cyndi has limited time that day, we are having a slightly abbreviated Seva Saturday, and will not be serving lunch as we usually do. But we do so need your help to make things grow and glow! Iris Couch will be our fearless leader… come with your favorite gardening gloves (and tools if you have those, but we also have plenty), and stay as long as you are able. Thank you!!

4/12 - 11am, Open Forum on "Resurrection: An Advaita Perspective"
What does it mean to be “twice-born” — reborn as an immortal — according to the non-dual teachings of Vedanta? (This was Br. Shankara's topic for this Sunday talk... he suggested we make it an open discussion [Br. Shankara is in the hospital--please send him prayers and good wishes]... please join us!)

4/19 - 11am, Uma Majmudar speaks on "Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi: Truth is One, Paths are Diverse." Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi were two great sons of Mother India and also contemporaries; Vivekananda was a Jnanayogi, whereas Gandhi, was a Karmayogi.

Though their personalities and paths differed, they were brothers in spirit with a similar mission to realize God as Truth. Both yearned to see God in the faces of the poor and believed in serving the poor as "Daridra-Narayana" (daridra: poor, and Narayana: God). In today's talk we shall examine their backgrounds, their religious views and their supreme contribution to the humanity-at-large.

4/26 - 11am, Open Forum on "Integration of Jnana & Bhakti" guru's feet  
The Path of Knowledge — Jnana Yoga — is not normally thought of as having a devotional (bhakti) aspect. Many modern teachers of Jnana minimize the importance of Ishwara, the Personal God. Yet, we find that in these same lineages, there is often a great devotion to the Guru.

In this Open Forum, we will discuss how this guru-bhakti is integrated into the Jnana Yoga practices and teachings of Adi Shankaracharya, Swami Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, Vasistha, and Swami Chinmoyananda.

Coming in May

Swami Brahmavidyananda will visit with us for ten days, and speak on Sunday May 3rd and 10th.10th. Details to come!

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