Vedic Temple, Lilburn: monthly schedule

12/3/2017 8:30 AM

Vedic Temple, Lilburn: monthly schedule

Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple (Vedic Temple) activities:

Priest Services Available :
Sunday Spiritual Services :
10.30 AM - 12.30 PM
Meditation Every Saturday :
7 AM - 8.30 AM
Free Yog Every Saturday :
8.30 AM - 10 AM
Hindi Classes :
1st and 3rd Sunday 9:30am-11:30am

Sanskriti Classes :
Every 2nd and 4th Saturday 11 AM - 3 PM

Youth Service :
First Sunday of Month : 10.30 AM
Sankhya Philosophy Class:
Every Sunday (except 1st) 1.45 - 2.30 PM
Everyone is welcome to join.

(8:30- 10 am) - free Patanjali Yoga for health and wellness, Meditation.

(10:30-11:15am) Vedic Havan - Fire oblations,
(11:15am-12 noon) Spiritual Discourse & Vedic teaching,
(12-12:30pm) Bhajans - Devotional songs,
(12:30) Prasad - Community Lunch.
(1:30-onward) Music class.

Samkhya Philosophy Classes
Every Sunday (except 1st Sunday of Month) 1.45 PM - 2.30 PM
Samkhya is one of the most prominent and one of the oldest of Indian philosophies. An eminent, great sage Kapila was the founder of the Samkhya School. The word Samkhya is based upon the Sanskrit word samkhya which means ‘number’. The school specifies the number and nature of the ultimate constituents of the universe and thereby imparts knowledge of reality. In fact, the term Samkhya also means perfect knowledge. Hence it is a system of perfect knowledge. It talks about types of sorrows and reasons of bondage and sorrow, who realizes God, whether soul is one or many, what is nature, what is salvation etc.

Youth Services - first Sunday of every month
(10:30am-12:30pm) Youth services
(12-12:45pm) Hindi class.
(1:15-2pm) Vedic hymns class.

Vedic Vidya Vihar: OPEN REGISTRATION January 10 - February 14
HINDI + Indian Cultural Heritage
2nd and 4th SUNDAY of every month. Time : 10am- 12noon.
(2nd semester = Jan - May)
Fun learning environment, dedicated teachers, well equipped classrooms in Brand New Vedic Vidya Vihar

Special :
We celebrate all festivals , hands on activity, learn science behind them and rituals. Glorious contributions , and people from Bharat.
Contact: Dr. Mini Sharma/Roopa (404-242-9123 / 770-367-9805)

Father's Day celebration
Date: June 19, 2016
Time: 10:30am

Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple: Summer Fun Camp
Sign your kids up for this overnight summer camp so they can engage in all the hands-on activities that include Hawan and Yoga, Outdoor Fun and Games, Music and Talent Show, Arts and Crafts, Vedic Culture and Tradition!
Check out last year’s 2015 Youth Summer Fun Camp Video:
Camp Details:
Eligible Participants: Youth from age 6 to 21 years old
Dates: Thursday, June 23​, 2016 at 7PM to Sunday, June 26th at 1PM
Venue: Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple, 492 Harmony Grove Road, Lilburn, GA 30047
Early Bird Special: $100 per child (Ends Sunday, June 5th)
Late Registration Fee: $150 per child (Starts Monday, June 6th)
Note: No Parent/Guardian will be charged for a “Cancellation Fee” if a child is unable to attend. And all profits will go to the support of the Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple, as well as the Atlanta Community and Cultural Center.
Contact: Anup 404-906-3439,

Lessons: Individual and group options. Classical as well as hobby singing, Highly qualified, Sangeet Vishard guru.
Contact- NILIMA- 678-988-2234

(8pm-9pm) Tele-Sermon on "Introduction to commentary on The Vedas" - dial (424)203-8405 and access code is 418634..

Any day:
Videos of our Acharya Ji's sermons on Gita can be viewed here.  

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Classes: Hindi Classes, Yoga Classes, Sanskrit Classes, Veda Classes, Music and Dance Classes. You are very welcome to join them.

Venue: 492 Harmony Grove Rd, Lilburn, GA 30047.
Contact: Acharya Ji 770-381-3662, Vishrut 404-954-0174,, facebook page:,

Scholarly priest Services: contact Acharya Ji at 770-381-3662
Ayurved and Naturopathy consultation: contact Acharya Ji at 770-381-3662


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