Volunteer for Hurricane Michael

10/26/2018 8:00 AM

Volunteer for Hurricane Michael

Volunteer Opportunity for Hurricane Michael

Get involved in the Hurricane Michael cleanup efforts in Panama City and Mexico Beach. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

10/19/2018: We plan on driving to Mexico Beach this weekend, leaving Friday morning. Contacts below if interested.

After 10/19/2018: 

Very blessed and humbled to be apart of the ICNA Relief Disaster Relief Services team this past weekend and share the humbling experience with the hardworking, courageous, and strong sisters’ team. Not all companies make you feel like there is equality among genders. Alhumdullilah very thankful for ICNA Relief allowing sisters to be in the same platform as the brothers or even higher 😜.

Seeing the destruction first hand that Hurricane Michael has left in Panama City is unimaginable. It felt like we were in the movie Twister, literally gas stations, grocery stores, trees ripped from its roots, houses torn apart and left abandoned. Talking with homeowners who lost everything, their belongings trashed, furniture destroyed, roofs torn apart, cars damaged, not able to go to work, and children unable to attend school. Some left to live with family, many flee to other areas or states, while others living in tents. There is a lot of work needed to get done. We can’t forget these residents. This could happen to anyone of us. It’s our duty to help our fellow neighbors. Muslim and non-Muslims over in Panama City knew us, saw our work, and passed their greetings and thanks. We are truly making an impact and difference.

Please support ICNA Relief by donating at www.icnarelief.org/Michael



See through the test of wealth. The money you were given belongs to God. Not you. It was given through you, not to you. It was given to be given. Not kept. 
-Yasmin Mogahed

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Brother Hamid Qureshi- 404-940-4430
Brother Abdul Basit Khan- 404-940-8754
Sister Sara Wada- 404-319-1878
#ICNARelief #HurricaneMichael

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