Vote for People's Appreciation Award, Atlanta Indian Idol

4/23/2015 11:55 PM

Vote for People's Appreciation Award, Atlanta Indian Idol

People Appreciation Award - Atlanta Indian Idol 2015

Congratulations to all our Finalists from Atlanta and Out of State! It is up to the people (you) to pick the winner/s for the People Appreciation Award from the finalists! The People Appreciation Award will be presented to the winner of this contest at the Championship ceremony. However these results will not have any impact on the Championship Winners selected by the Judges!

Click here for a list of all the finalists and a clipping from their auditions. You are welcome to listen to their performance and cast your vote by checking the box that reads "Vote Now!" below the name of each candidate. You may vote for more than one candidate at any given time. You are welcome to return back anytime to vote to your favorite contestant any number of times. Voting ends at 11.59 pm EST on April 23, 2015.

Note: Contestants are listed in JUNIOR and SENIOR categories. Here is the list of finalists from SENIOR and JUNIOR categories:

JUNIOR GROUP: Finalists in alphabetical order are:

1. Havishkrit Arya (GA)
2. Jyotsna Sharath Rao (GA)
3. Koyal K Ansingkar (GA)
4. Neha Gregory (GA)
5. Reet Tiwary (GA)
6. Shweta Ajit Bhat (GA)
7. Tanvi Raj (GA)

SENIOR GROUP: Finalists in alphabetical order are:

1. Anjana Nagaraja (GA)
2. Anusha Anand CA) 3. Asawari Rutuparna Joshi (FL)
4. Atanu Das (GA)
5. Debadrita Goswami (GA)
6. Geetika Aswal (TX)
7. Lavanya Banagiri (GA)
8. Navin Gurnaney (GA)
9. Rahul S Nana (FL)
10. Sandeep Kowtha (GA)
11. Santhanam Venkata Krishnan (GA)
12. Saras Jain (GA)
13. Saumitra K Sinha Ray (GA)
14. Shilpa Uppuluri (GA)
15. Swathi Raman (MD)
16. Syed T Husani (GA)

Tickets for the Championship round can be purchased from


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