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Ahimsa – End Gun Violence Initiates Ahimsa Internship

September 2023
Ahimsa – End Gun Violence Initiates Ahimsa Internship

Ahimsa – End Gun Violence Initiates Ahimsa Internship


AHIMSA-End Gun Violence was created as a WhatsApp group on April 18, 2023 by three co-founders -- Dr. Amod Sureka, Dr. Shailendra Palvia and Ms. Vaisheshi Jalajam. The inspiration for this absolutely arose from the almost non-stop gun violence carnage in America.  It was decided to grow this group organically by participating in activities related to curbing the madness of gun violence.  Dr. Shailendra Palvia, Professor Emeritus, Long Island University, New York and President of this organization had been terribly disturbed about the gun violence epidemic for a long time.  Essentially, he became an activist starting March 22, 2023 when he made a presentation over Zoom to the students and faculty of Georgia College and State University on the topic – Mahavir, Mahatma and MLK: How to Combat the Epidemic of Gun Violence with Ahimsa. This group, now a registered non-profit domestic organization, is commit


Our organization is futuristic by having one important niche of educating the youth.  We want to inculcate the philosophy of Ahimsa and its power to curb the gun violence among our youth.  In the long run the goal is to inoculate the youth against gun violence.  Towards this end, we inaugurated the very first NOVEL Ahimsa Internship on June 11, 2023 taught by Professor Dr. Shailendra Palvia. Nine students in the age-group 15 to 20 joined this Internship Program.  The syllabus for this Internship is rigorous with assigned five textbooks, one term paper, two short write-ups, and one field trip which occurred on Friday, July 14 when all of us including interns interacted with GA House Representative Dr. Michelle Au. There will be a final examination on August 6 followed by distribution of Certificates of Internship Completion.

Following photos display the first class on June 11 and the semi-final class on July 16.


In the first photo, from left to right above are:  Ritu Jain (Intern’s mother), Vaisheshi Jalajam (Co-Founder), Amod Sureka (Co-Founder), Sunil Peramanu (Member of Core Planning Group), Shailendra Palvia (Co-Founder) , Intern Swasti Jain in 9th grade, Intern Kavya Turakhia in 9th grade, Intern Simran Ahuja in 10th grade, Intern Agamya Jain in 9th grade, Intern Arnav Jain a College Sophomore, Rajkumari Palvia, Intern Jainik Panchamiya in 12th grade, and Anuj Jain (Intern’s father). 

In the second photo, from left to right above are: Ritu Jain, Arunn Ahuja (Intern’s father), Arnav Jain, Bhavya Jain in front (intern), Intern Simran Ahuja sister, Agamya Jain, Professor Shailendra Palvia, Swasti Jain, Kavya Jain, Dr. Amod Sureka, Shrey Jain (Intern), Amod’s father-in-law Mr. Shrinarayan Chandak visiting from Illinois, and Jainik Panchamiya.


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