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Annual conference on Vedic values emphasizes impact in modern times

By Dhirendra Sharma
October 2011
Annual conference on Vedic values emphasizes impact in modern times

The Atlanta Vedic Temple was the honored host of an inspiring and informative 21st Arya Maha Sammelan from July 28 through 31. Themed, “The Values of Vedic Teachings in Modern Times,” the conference attracted several international Vedic scholars who arrived from India and all over the U.S. and Canada to expound on the valuable theme to an audience of over 200. In addition to the spiritually illuminating speeches, the conference also featured entertaining cultural events.

Shri Narendra, a renowned singer from India was a hit with his melodious voice, and touched the hearts
of the audience. The prayanam, meditation, and hatha kriya (physical yoga) sessions helped participants experience fresh waves of energies, thanks to its intense engagement of the body and the mind. The adults were spellbound by the youth programs (under 18) where the youngsters presented cultural performances such as a hawan, and recited mantras with their meanings.

Some insights shared by the Vedic scholars included:
Dharma (religion) is the performance of all actions naturally for the well-being and harmony of all in the family, society and nation.
• For attainment of true happiness, a person should be selfless, control his senses, thoughts, and state of mind, welcome difficulties, act according to the will of God as stated in Vedic scriptures. In relationships, he should have feelings of friendliness towards happy persons, compassion towards unhappy persons, cheerfulness towards noble persons, and indifferent towards evil persons.
• One should make righteous use of his wealth of time, strength, talent, labor, resources and charm for the well-being of others.
• Family is a kingpin of the society. The husband and wife are the two wheels of a chariot or the family. There should be an unconditional love, affection, trust and harmony in thinking on Vedic values between the two.
• The most important Vedic value is a deep abiding faith in the omnipresent, all-pervading and formless God, and performance of virtuous deeds for the well-being of others—based on love, truth and respect for others.

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