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APNA day in Atlanta

January 2008
APNA day in Atlanta

The first APNA Day at the Ashiana Restaurant on December 1st 2007 was hosted by the Telugu Association of Metro Atlanta (TAMA) and attended by over 600 invitees. The new organization named Andhra Pradesh Physicians of North America (APNA) pledged it’s commitment to uplift the backward areas of Andhra Pradesh by improving the provision of water, food, medical care, shelter and awarding scholarships to deserving students.

Dr. Adisesha Reddy had conceived the idea of a philanthropic organization in USA and with the help of Bala Indurti, the idea turned into a nationwide activity.

After socializing with other invitees, the audience cheered the arrival of Padmasri Dr. S. P. Balasubramanyam with his wife Smt. Savithri, as the chief guests of the evening. The reputed singer and film personality lit the ceremonial lamp and inaugurated the function along with other dignitaries.

In his opening speech, Mr. Ramesh Chaparala, TAMA president, welcomed the office-bearers of APNA and introduced them to the audience. Dr. Sadasiva Reddy (president), Dr. Adisesha Reddy (vice-president), Dr. Subramanyam Boya (secretary), Dr. Raghurama Sundaram (treasurer) and Mr. Bala Indurti (executive director), made individual speeches outlining the objectives of APNA Foundation.

Cultural programs were conducted with aplomb by a team of presenters led by Ram Durvasula. There was a short and scintillating sitar recital by Dr. Kodavatiganti Rohiniprasad, ably accompanied on the tabla by Anjaneya Sastry. A spirited presentation of lambada dance, choreographed by Sreedevi Dadithota, was presented by 16 children. A patriotic song from Velugu needalu was enacted by Neelima Gaddamanugu, Ram Durvasula and a team of dancers. Dr. Haranath Policharla presented video clippings from his Telugu movie Chandrahas.

Dr. Jagan Ailinani made a presentation on Adopt-a-village and strongly outlined the importance of spreading the need of healthcare in the poor villages of Andhra Pradesh. Mega Hangama, a medley of spirited dances was jointly choreographed and presented by Neelima Gaddamanugu and Madhavi Korrapati. Dr. Prabha Kamath made a presentation on ‘Coping with Success.’

The keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Artur Davis, U.S. Congressman from Alabama, who reminded the audience of his own humble beginnings and said that underprivileged sections of society were the same all over the world. The Congressman pointed out the importance of individual efforts in poverty alleviation programs in India as well as in USA.

Sri Balasubramanyam also lauded the noble ideals of APNA and he exhorted the audience to contribute financially. He wound up his speech with a melodious song titled, ‘Lalita kalaradhanalo,’ for which he received a standing ovation. Both Sri Balasubramanyam and Mr. Artur Davis were felicitated by APNA.

Dr. Adisesha Reddy and Mr. Bala Indurti requested the guests to pledge their donations to the noble causes of APNA and the response was immediate. There were several guests who came forward with large donations. Dr. Sadasiva Reddy ($11,000), Dr. Premsagar Reddy ($10,000), Mr. Chowdhary Yalamanchili ($10,000), Dr. Adisesha Reddy ($10,000), Dr. Renuka Reddy ($10,000), Dr. Gandhi Yalamanchili ($10,000), and many others gave generously towards a total that exceeded $100,000, making APNA Day’s inauguration in Atlanta a huge success.

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