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Atlanta chapter of Sant Nirankari Mission brings harmony convention to Boston area

By Chander Nayyar
September 2014
Atlanta chapter of Sant Nirankari Mission brings harmony convention to Boston area


The head of the Sant Nirankari Mission, Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji at the convention organized by the Atlanta chapter in Providence, RI.


The Human Unity, Harmony, and Oneness Convention 2014 was organized by the volunteers of the Atlanta chapter of the Sant Nirankari Mission (SNM). The head of the Atlanta chapter, Kapil Bhandari, with the help of Ram Lal Sai, Bharat Raheja, Chander Nayyar, Jaspreet Singh, and Anil Bhandari, along with one hundred volunteers including ladies and youths of this mission set up an exhibition of oneness, harmony, human unity, and love, with publications, a parade, and food for more than 3000 people. The convention was hosted by the Boston chapter of SNM, chosen by the head of the Mission, Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji to create the awareness of human unity, harmony, oneness, and love among people of the area. The event was held in Providence, Rhode Island, not far from Boston. The SNM convention is held in different parts of the US and Canada every year.

The landmark event of August 2 and 3 brought an estimated 3000 devotees from the Sant Nirankari Mission-Universal Brotherhood, travelling from the US, Canada, UK, and India. His Holiness Babaji, and Her Holiness Pujya Mataji, blessed the followers.

A “Harmony in Oneness Parade” in the form of a dance procession was dedicated to Nirankari Rajmata Kulwant Kaur Ji, who has dedicated 60 years of her life to propagating the message of Universal Brotherhood. She has strengthened the ideals of humanity by travelling throughout the world with the message of Harmony and Oneness. It was with her blessings that the element of dance and music was first introduced into the mission.


His Holiness Babaji inaugurated the parade by releasing 100 butterflies, symbols of transformation, new beginnings, and in this instance, Harmony. As the butterflies were released, devotees released several dozen eco-friendly dove shaped helium balloons. It was a sight to see the sky of Empire Street full of white balloons. The dove, a symbol of peace, here signified Oneness. About 20 groups from branches all across North America marched and danced, displaying banners of spiritual and social reform messages. From Scottish Pipers to Stomp Dance, Flash Mob Dance, Salsa, Bhangra, Gidha, and much more, the items depicted the balance between our spiritual and material lives. More than 200 children participated in Yoga, and the Mission’s sports teams in the parade emphasized the significance of a health body for a healthy mind.


A float named “Harmony” was the highlight of the parade. Its lower level portrayed the behavioral elements required for us to live in harmony: the four corners of this float depicted: Love, Tolerance, Humility, and Peace. A harmony dance was performed atop the float. As the parade ended at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, His Holiness Babaji and Her Holiness Pujya Mataji stepped into the float from their palki (a vehicle converted and decorated with spiritual messages of Oneness) and an ecstatic cheer rose from the thousands of devotees. Slogans of “Oneness” from the emotional devotees could be heard from blocks away.

This dance parade was an innovative spiritual experience which revived and awakened new inspiration and motivation for Harmony and Oneness amongst the thousands of devotees and locals who witnessed this divine experience. The streets across from the Dunkin Donuts Center were closed off for this parade and SNM volunteers organized and controlled thousands of onlookers with such discipline and ease that a police officer on duty, on site, commented, “You all are doing such an awesome job, you all don’t even need us.”

A 2000 square foot area at the Dunkin Donut Arena in Providence was converted overnight into a state-of-the-art Spiritual Gallery for the remarkable “Freedom in Spirituality - Harmony” Exhibition. Devotees from all across North America contributed by making 3-D projects on spiritual messages, along with videos, skits, power point presentations, panels, quilts, and collages. An identical representation of the “Fountain of Oneness” located in Delhi, India was an eye catcher at this exhibition. The messages portrayed in this Exhibition brought life to spirituality in today’s era.

On both days the main 3-hour events were the samagam (convention) in which speakers, singers, and poets gave spiritual awareness to the thousands in attendance. Sessions ended with the divine message by His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj.

The Sant Nirankari Mission focuses on Spiritual Liberation and Humanitarian Reform. Neither a religion, nor a sect of any religion, it is a spiritual organization working diligently towards the betterment of humanity. The 25 local chapters in the US and 14 in Canada participate in Social Welfare activities such as ‘Saving Lives’ by organizing Blood Donation camps and ‘Go Green’ which gives awareness about saving the planet. ‘Spreading Love’ focuses on feeding the needy and organizing toy drives for children. The program ‘Changing the Future’ supports efforts to find cures for Alzheimer’s, cancer and HIV. Branches also adopt and maintain roads for cleanliness in the environment. As Nirankari Baba said, in order to have peace in this planet earth we must believe and practice that “There is only one religion in the world; and that is HUMANITY!”

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