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Bollywood stars Sunny Leone and Aryan Vaid graced the Bharat Georgia pageant

Compiled by Suzanne Sen
January 2019
Bollywood stars Sunny Leone and Aryan Vaid graced the Bharat Georgia pageant


A fun moment with organizer Kamlesh Chugh and special guest Sunny Leone. (Photos: Neelamegam Subramanian)

Thirty-one contestants demonstrated their talents and poise at the Bharat Georgia pageant at the Hilton Atlanta Northeast on September 30, 2018. Presented by Kamlesh Chugh’s Dream Girl Entertainment & Mydream Entertainment, the pageant had several categories for Miss, Mrs, Teen, Mr, and Grandmom Bharat Georgia. Special guests were Bollywood stars Sunny Leone of the recent Bollywood ​films Ek Paheli Leela and Tera Intezaar, and Aryan Vaid; Vaid is also the Graviera Mister India World 2000 winner and the Mister International 2000 winner.

“After my win as Mrs Bharat Grandmom, NJ in 2017, I was motivated to start the Atlanta chapter of the beauty pageant. My main purpose is to inspire, motivate, and lead the ladies of the Indian community to come out of their shell and give true meaning to the phrase, ‘Beauty with a Purpose.’ I want them to be an inspiration to their kids and grandkids,” Kamlesh Chugh told the audience. In fact, a special part of the program was the honoring of two Atlantans, 81-year-old Shakuntala Ahuja and nonagenarian Shushila Gupta, who were crowned on stage.

All 31 contestants performed in the night’s opening dance, choreographed by Shiva Turlapati of Shiv’s Institute of Dance. Other performances during the evening included a song by Nehal Mehta, energetic dances by the Georgia Bhangra Academy, a performance by Tanuj on drums, songs by Shyam Gupta, and a combined performance by Shyam Gupta and Anupama Krishnan.

Emcees were Aishwarya Sridharan and Monty Kataria. Judges were Neera Bahl, Dr. Vishal Sharma, Jaslin Chahal, Bhavana Vishal Anand, Veena Rao, Rashmi Bedi, Dr. Nazeera Dawood, and Prabha Raghava; they, as well as the organizers and national organizers, were recognized and awarded trophies. Voting lines were presented to allow the audience to text their votes for their favorite contestants.

After the Indian outfit round, the top 9 finalists were given 3 minutes to perform and compete for the Best Talent, 1st Runner up, and 2nd Runner up awards. Final winners were decided by the evening gown round and the Q&A round.

Miss Bharat Georgia: Priyanka Sharma (also Beautiful Hair)
Mrs Bharat Georgia: Ritu Jain
Teen Bharat Georgia: Darshleen Kaur (​also Best Personality)
Grandmom Bharat Georgia: Madhulika Kumar (also Mrs. Fashionista)
Miss-First Runner-Up: Namratha Prasad (also Mesmerizing Eyes)
Miss-Second Runner-Up: Gemini Kaushik
Mrs-First Runner-Up: Abhiruchi Jain
Mrs-Second Runner-Up: Vrishali Deshpande Angara (also Most Talented)
Teen-First Runner-Up: Radhika Dhingra
Gmom-First Runner-Up: Asha Sharma
Gmom-Second Runner-Up: Asha Devi (also Role Model)
Beautiful Smile: Sukhleen Kaur Khaira
Best Costume: Bhawna Bharadwaj
Inspiring Journey.
Mrs Catwalk: Anupam Gill
Mrs Elegant: Soujanya Chowdham-Negi
Mrs Photogenic: Barkha Shokeen
Mrs Radiant Beauty: Preeti Naik
Mrs Well-Spoken: Juhi Goel
People's Choice: Dimple Rustagi

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The top winners were crowned by Bollywood star Sunny Leone, and went on later to represent Georgia in the Miss Bharat USA 2018 Pageant held in Atlanta in December.

Kamlesh Chugh declared that her event management company, Dream Girl Entertainment, was a lifetime dream come true. “This is a unique event, not only a beauty pageant but a pageant where Indian ladies and gentlemen will present our culture and diversity. It is symbolic of how Indian culture is represented here in the United States,” she said.

She recognizing Rashmi and Janak Bedi for launching the pageant in the U.S., and thanked all, including her friends Shiva, Kratika Jain, Hetal, Bandana, Neha, Minnie, Neetu, Shubra, Rashmi, Seema Saxena, and others who helped with the event.

Sep Pageant_ Hardeep Singh, Priyanka Sharma and Ritu Jain_680.jpg

Top 3 winners: Teen: Hardeep Singh, Miss: Priyanka Sharma, and Mrs: Ritu Jain.

Sep Pageant_Gmom 3 Asha Sharma, Madhulika Kumar and Asha Devi_680.jpg

Top 3 Grandmoms: 1st Runner-Up Asha Sharma, winner Madhulika Kumar, and 2nd Runner-Up Asha Devi.

Sep Pageant_Mrs 3 Abhiruchi Jain, Ritu Jain and Vrishali Deshpande Angara_680.jpg

Top 3 Mrs: 1st Runner-Up Abhiruchi Jain, winner Ritu Jain, and 2nd Runner-Up Vrishali Deshpande Angara.

Sep Pageant_Miss all 3_680.jpg

Top 3 Miss: 2nd Runner-Up Gemini Kaushik, winner Priyanka Sharma, and 1st Runner-Up Namratha Prasad.

Sep Pageant_Teens 1stRU Radhika Dhingra_680.jpg

Top 3 Teens: 2nd Runner-Up, winner Darshleen Kaur, and 1st Runner-Up Radhika Dhingra; also Radiant Beauty.

Sep Pageant_Best Personality_Teencrop200x546.jpg

Sep Pageant_Beautiful Smile Sukhleen Kaur Khaira11_crop400x352.jpg

Best Personality: Darshleen Kaur. Beautiful Smile: Sukhleen Kaur Khaira, with judge Veena Rao.

Sep Pageant_Beautiful Hair_crop220x362.jpg

Sep Pageant_MrsCatwalk Anupam Gill_crop250x340.jpg

  Miss Beautiful Hair: Priyanka Sharma. Mrs Catwalk: Anupam Gill.

Sep Pageant_Inspiring Journey_crop300x405.jpg

Sep Pageant_Most Talented Deshpande_crop200x409.jpg

Inspiring Journey. Most Talented: Vrishali Deshpande Angara.

Sep Pageant_Best Costume BhawnaBharadwaj_crop260x326.jpg

Sep Pageant_Mrs Elegant Soujanya Chowdham-Negi_crop300x305.jpg

Best Costume: Bhawna Bharadwaj. Mrs Elegant: Soujanya Chowdham-Negi.

Sep Pageant_MrsPhotogenic Barkha Shokeen_680.jpg

Mrs Photogenic: Barkha Shokeen.

Sep Pageant_Mesmerizing Eyes 7_crop220x298.jpg

Sep Pageant_PeoplesChoice Dimple Rustagi_crop220x311.jpg

 Miss Mesmerizing Eyes: Namrata Prasad.  People's Choice: Dimple Rustagi.


Sep Pageant_Radiant Beauty Preeti Naik_crop420x362.jpg

Sep Pageant_MrsWellSpoken Juhi Goel_crop280x358.jpg

Mrs Radiant Beauty: Preeti Naik, with judge Veena Rao. Mrs Well-Spoken: Juhi Goel, with judge Dr. Nazeera Dawood.

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