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Brahmin Samaj of Georgia’s maiden “Samuh Yagnopavit Sanskar”

By Sanjay Pandya
September 2011
Brahmin Samaj of Georgia’s maiden “Samuh Yagnopavit Sanskar” The signatory event of Brahmin Samaj of Georgia, Inc. (BSOGA), “Samuh Yagnopavit Sanskar,” took place on Saturday August 13, 2011 at Sarddar Patel Bhavan, home of Gujarati Samaj. The hall was decorated with wall pieces, the ceiling was full of colorful flags, and two village huts had been built: thanks to volunteers the hall was converted into a small village!

On the previous afternoon there had been Ganesh Sthapan from about 4 pm, Pithi of eight participating Batuks and garba sung by Abhaysinh Rathod and Group. A small group of about 175 enjoyed garba till 11:30 pm.

BSOGA was successful in reaching out to a non-Gujarati Brahmin family and a Brahmin family from Athens, Georgia. Invitations went out to Brahmin Samajs all over USA and many positive comments were received. The concept was that people who have their entire family in USA and have not performed Yagnopavit Sanskar on their son, might have such Sanskar without difficulties of organizing an event and with camaraderie among others. Shri Yogendra Bhatt of Pij, India served as the chief priest for the event.

Saturday being Rakshabandhan, more than 50 Brahmins participated in changing their sacred thread, janoi —a ceremony that comes only once a year. Following lunch all eight Batuk participated in the holy ceremony of Yagnopavit Sanskar. The maternal uncle brought mameru with traditional fun fare. Then there was much awaited ritual where Batuk takes off to go to Guru for studies, but his maternal uncle catches him and convinces him to stay home with a gift. It seems this is not a Vedic ritual, but added later on, and interesting.

Mare Te Gamde Ek var Aavjo,” the grand finale of the event with Abhay Singh Rathod and his group, had a turnout of more than 600 people who enjoyed Punjabi dinner and old folk songs and bhajans till 2:30 am! Folk songs like “Man More Bani Thangat kare,” metaphysical poetry from Panbai “Meru To dage…”; a Gujarati love song, “Tari Akhno Afini”; and Meghani’s famous “Kasumbino Rang” enthralled the audience. Main sponsors of the event were Shri Subodhbhai Thaker and family with CMES Inc. Also Embassy National Bank, US1 Discount, Darji, Iyer, Joshi & Patel CPA firm, the Travel Universe, and local vendors generously donated. The new BSOGA executive team is considering making this a permanent event in their calendar.

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