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Chimnaya Mission Alpharetta Inaugurates Ashram

September 2010
Chimnaya Mission Alpharetta Inaugurates Ashram Chinmaya Mission Alpharetta was blessed to have Pujya Swami Tejomayanandaji, head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide, inaugurate their new Ashram “Chinmaya Gurukul” on July 9th. The Ashram, located at 10725 Jones Bridge Road, Alpharetta, is a house on a 6.7 acre property that will serve 500 children and their families.

Acharyas from San Jose, Miami, and Ann Arbor, and Dr. and Mrs. Raghu from CM Atlanta participated with Swamiji at the temple shrine of Lord Shri Krishna. Mrs. Sudha Malhotra, President of Chinmaya Mission Alpharetta, introduced guests and gave a history of activities. Bhajans by Balavihar kids followed, and Swamiji’s lecture was given to more than 300 people.

Swamiji asked, “What is the purpose of having an ashram or a center, and what are you going to do there?” He emphasized that the purpose should be known to all members and that they should be able to communicate to others. To answer his question, he chanted a Sanskrit composition which he had composed:
“Jayatu Jayatu Kendro, Nuthanah Chinmayaakhyaha” - May this new center be ever victorious.
“Bhavatu Bhavatu Chaatra Ved Vedanta Bodhah” - May there be continuous study of Vedanta—knowing oneself, knowing about one’s own life, and knowing how to live one’s own life. Acharya Shankaracharya ji says that by enquiry into science of Vedanta, one becomes free from sorrow.

“Bhajatu Bhajatu Bhaktyaam Devam Adim Janaavayih” - May all who come here worship the supreme Lord.

“Vasatu Vasatu Loke, Shobhanah Karma Yogaha.” - Let the spirit of selfless service and action prevail in their life and at the Ashram.

He added, may this new Ashram enable us to have our buddhi be filled with Knowledge - “Gyaan,” our hearts filled with love - “Bhakti,” and make our actions selfless - “Karma Yoga.”
Next Swamiji asked what the center would do for our children. Pujya Gurudev always said to not only give them a good education, food, etc., but also best of values so that they can become positive contributors to society. Having the smartest and most talented kid who turns out to be a criminal or is devoid of love, compassion or virtues is certainly a burden on society. Swamiji said may this Ashram through all its programs and classes impart the following three fundamental teachings to all the children.

1. To learn to count one’s blessings and be grateful.
2. To understand that the important things in life are not “things.”
3. To know that one may do many things in life, but if one gives life to one thing, one’s life will be fulfilled.
He emphasized that technology aids are good only as long as they provide an effective communication that can enhance moral values and higher thinking in children.

With blessings, prasad, and a tour around the new property, all appreciated the peaceful and positive atmosphere.

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