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Congressman Bob Barr Meets Indus Bar

July 2002
Congressman Bob Barr Meets Indus Bar

On May 29, 2002, the IndusBar of Georgia (?IndusBar?) hosted a luncheon featuring keynote speaker, Congressman Bob Barr. Invited guests were IBG members interested in hearing about the Congressman?s stance on recently highlighted immigration and international relations issues. Although the Congressman?s comments were general in nature, the overall perception by the attendees was that Congressman Barr was candid in his responses. As we know, this forthright demeanor has earned the Congressman his renowned reputation.

Following his speech, the Congressman entertained questions posed by the attendees. Specifically, he was asked why he concurred in the House of Representatives? approval of legislation to divide the INS into two separate branches, both reporting to the Department of Justice. Congressman Barr adamantly supported the legislation as an effective mechanism to increase efficiency and accountability within this ?failed? agency. According to him, aggressive measures must be utilized in order to revive the effectiveness of an otherwise useless agency which does nothing more than point fingers at different sections within its own organization. Although Congressman Barr?s suggestions for extreme measures are suspect, all attendees seemed to agree that some change within INS is necessary.

IndusBar of Georgia is a voluntary bar association based in Atlanta, serving South Asian attorneys and attorneys whose practice areas concern the South Asian community. As a non-profit professional organization whose activities are regulated in part by Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code, IndusBar of Georgia, Inc. is prohibited from participating or intervening in any political campaign of a candidate for public office. For more information on the organization and its members, contact Ajay Jindia at ajindia@freedberman.com or 404-261-7711.

- Ashoo K. Sharma, Esq.

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