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Dhoop Chaoon organizes its annual show

January 2024
Dhoop Chaoon organizes its annual show

Dhoop Chaoon, the Hindi theater group of Atlanta, presented their 2023 annual show on December 9 at Berkmar High School in Lilburn GA. Established in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007, Dhoop Chaoon, with more than 125 permanent members, works to conserve the Hindi language and culture and to entertain.

[Left] Dhoop Chaoon performed plays by Hindi literature stalwarts Munishi Premchand and K. P. Saxena as part of its annual show.

For the annual show, more than 50 artists and volunteers came together as a team for theatrical performances of Panch Parmeshwar written by Munshi Prem Chand and Gaj Foot Inch penned by K.P. Saxena. Under the expert direction of Sandhya Saxena Bhagat and the patronage of Anil Bhagat, the famous plays of Hindi literature jumped out of the pages on to the stage and showcased all the moods of navrasa.


The performances showcased all navarasas and enthralled the audience. 

Kunwara Bechara and Dhoop Chaoon Hungama were yet more performances presented in a three-hour show. Kunwara Bechara was a lighthearted comedy that revolved around women empowerment. Dhoop Chaoon Hungama turned out to be a fun flash mob style dance.

AT_15_01_24.jpgFor Panch Parmeshwar, the performing artists included Manish Dubey, Poornima Raj, Sarika Jaswani, Avdhesh Bhardwaj, Krishan Kumar, Anil Jaswani, Seema Pillay, Sidharth Garg, and others. For Gaj Foot Inch, the performing artists were Rita Kapahi, Anil Jaswani, Sidharth Garg, Amit Prasad, Shabana Sayeed, Deepti Sharma, and Nitish Dubey. For Kunwara Bechara, the performing artists included Asha Gupta, Chandni Agarwal, Asha Sharma, Rita Kapahi, Vandana Tantia, Aarti Jain, Akanksha Tiwari, Amit Prasad, Meenakshi Iyer, and Seema Pillay. Dhoop Chaoon Hungama, a flash mob style dance, was performed by Poornima Raj, Surbhi Jain, and Nitish Dubey.

[Right] Bhrushira Vyas and Anshuman Bajpai were emcees for the show. 

Dhoop Chaoon is thankful to Madan Ghildiyal from Indian Consulate Atlanta and also to all the volunteers, sponsors, and supporters: light and sound by Jayesh Jhurani, videography by Puneet Bhatnagar, photography by Swayam Sarkar, front desk by Paresh Jain, Shuchi Khanna, Dheeraj Kumar, Meenakshi Iyer, Shiva Chawda, Lakshmi Chawda, Dheeraj Lunawat, food by Madhav Katdare, Salochina Oad, Asha Sharma, Asha Gupta, Arvind Gupta, Mirudul Dubey, Meenal Dubey, Soumya Dubey, sets by Neev Seedani, Raj Seedani, Premanand Goswami, Moiz Husain, Manish Dubey, Dheeraj Lunawat, Sidharth Garg, Avdhesh Bhardwaj, Krishan Kumar, Saluchana Oad, Anil Jaswani, emcee by Anshuman Bajpai and Bhrushira Vyas, makeup by Pearl Sudan and Angel Sudan, marketing by Priya Kumar, backstage help by Kartikay Bhagat and Anil Bhagat, and media by Sarika Jaswani.

The group is now set to perform in Nashville on Jan 27.

—Sarika Jaswani


Dhoop Chaoon team came together to put up a captivating show.

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