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Dhoop Chaoon presents original theater and adaptations

By Priyanka Tyagi Agarwal
July 2019
Dhoop Chaoon presents original theater and adaptations



(Left) An actor in Harappa House, a play by prolific writer K. P. Saxena. (Photos: Shankar Sengupta)

Theater is a powerful medium of self-expression about life. It is a collaborative form of expressions, arts, and emotions. The Hindi theater group of Atlanta, Dhoop Chaoon, is a blend of all these. The group presented its annual program, “Blank Canvas!!! Color it with Dhoop Chaoon” on May 12, 2019 at Berkmar High School, Lilburn, Georgia.






(Right) Emcees Akansha Rajpal and 
Aslam Pervez. (Photo: Ayush Jha)

Great things never come from comfort zones. Working hard for this event were director and founder Sandhya Saxena Bhagat, main coordinator Anil Bhagat, and emcees Aslam Pervez and Akansha Rajpal.

Dhoop1_mother close_61641172_crop_Shankar_c 680.jpg

Actors for Bhisham Sahni’s play Chief Ki Daawat. (Photo: Shankar Sengupta)

The first play presented was Chief Ki Daawat, based on one of the stories by Padma Bhushan author Bhisham Sahni, about an ambitious young man ashamed of his mother’s illiteracy but who has invited his boss for dinner. Perfect for Mothers Day, it showcased an emotional relationship between mother and son, driven by both sacrifices and socio-economic ambitions. It was adapted and directed by Sandhya Saxena Bhagat, with actors Rita Kapahi, Asha Gupta, Aashish Kapoor, Lee Browning, Ritambhara Mittal, Priyanka Agarwal Tyagi, and Shubhra Singh Chouhan.




(Left) Scene from Chingaari, Renu Thapliyal Kotnala’s theatrical dance act. (Photo: Ayush Jha)

The second item was a theatrical dance act, Chingaari (spark). Each of us has some degree of inner fire, but at some point, that fire may fade away due to a change in circumstances. This item represented rekindling your inner fire and encouraging yourself. Concept, choreography, and music were by Renu Thapliyal Kotnala. Performers were Renu Thapliyal Kotnala, Surabhi Jain, Asha Gupta, and Sukhleen Kaur.



Zindagi Ek Natak was presented by a group of talented actors in Rap n Roll style, highlighting that the journey of life (zindagi) is nothing but a theatrical play. It was written and directed by Sandhya Saxena Bhagat; artists were Moiz Husain, Ritambhara Mittal, Sukhleen Kaur, Aashish Kapoor, Shubhra Singh, and Suryaprakash Kukudala.

 (Left) Rap n Roll style Zindagi Ek Natak by Sandhya Saxena Bhagat. (Photo: Ayush Jha)

Dhoop4_red table guitar_61286793_Shankar_c 680.jpg



Three scenes from Harappa House by prolific writer K. P. Saxena. (Photos: Shankar Sengupta)

Then came Harappa House, written by prolific writer K. P. Saxena and adapted and directed by Sandhya Saxena Bhagat. This witty play derives its name from the ancient Harappan civilization (c2600-c1300 BCE). Two con men, Firdausi and Fahiyan, are selling ‘antiques’ in their store, Harappa House. Actually they are great storytellers who make anything into an antique by adding a good story. The play begins with their admission of struggle and expression of hopes. A rich lady, Mrs. Palkiwala, walks in, looking for the tooth of Khilji. The next customers are a politician and his sister-in-law, who don’t appreciate the high prices for what they correctly identify as junk; they leave without buying anything. In the final scene Mrs. Palkiwala brings the police to catch the two fakers. Actors were Moiz Husain, Sachin Bapat, Chaitali De, Premanand Goswami, Sukhleen Kaur, and Ritambhara Mittal.

Dhoop_gp baby_2453_crop_Shankar_680.jpg

(Photo: Shankar Sengupta)

Website Bonus Feature:

Sets: Premanand Goswami, Gandharv Bhagat, Kartikay Bhagat, Lee Browning, Sachin Bapat, Suryaprakash Kukudala.
Stage settings: Pawandeep Singh, Manjusha Verma, Rachna Bhatia, Asha Gupta.
Music Collection: Anil Bhagat.
Music and Slide show: Jayesh Jhurani.
Background Announcements: Jayshree Baveja and Giri Mohan Coneti.
Lights: Sarfaraz Khan.
Makeup: Sumana Goswami.
Photography: Shankar Sengupta, Ayush Jha.
Videographer & Editor: Puneet Bhatnagar.
Media partners: especially Anjali Chhabria from TV Asia.
Brochure and Website: Anil and Gandharv Bhagat.
Marketing: Vijay Tandon, Renu Thapliyal Kotnala, and others.
Ticket management: Paresh Jain, Sagar Pujari, Shabana Sayeed, Gurupdesh Bedi, Manjeet Bedi.
Food: Shankar Mahadevan, Meenakshi Mehta, Veena Katdare, Nidhi Mishra.
Report after the event: Priyanka Tyagi Agarwal (English), Surbhi Jain (Hindi).
Appreciation Trophies for the group: Talat Alvi, who has contributed for the last 10 years.
Sponsors, including major sponsors Patel Brothers, 27th Investment Group, Jytoendra Trivedi
Support: Inspiration Enterprises group
Special supporters: Mr. Shamim Dalwai and Nazneen Dalwai for their unwavering support for the last 9 years.
This event would not be possible without the Bhagats’ support—financial, mental, and physical.
Contact: dhoop.chaoon@gmail.com, 404 585 7247, dhoopchaoon.org


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