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"Dunwoody Indians" organize Holi contest for children

April 2017
"Dunwoody Indians" organize Holi contest for children


A kindergarten winner, Kashvi!


For the occasion of Holi, the organization called Dunwoody Indians organized a free drawing and coloring contest for children on Saturday, March 11, 2017, to increase their awareness about Indian festivals and culture. A total of 80 children participated and around 150 parents attended the contest.

Draw_Poster (2)_680.jpg

The poster, signed by the judge, Consul D. V. Singh.

To be fair to all, there were seven categories, one for each grade from PreK through Fifth. Children drew and colored at the location in the view of the judges, and used only coloring pencils and crayons. Two best drawings were selected from each category. Chief Guest Consul D. V. Singh selected the winning drawings and presented prizes to the First and Second Place winners below:
Pre-K: Lithika Bandaru & Aashrit
Kindergarten: Akshara Gupta & Kashvi Mogili
1st Grade: Aarini Rai & Devansh Singh
2nd Grade: Yoshita Guntupalli & Abhiram Appalla
3rd Grade: Anwita Kornipalli & Vihasita Matta
4th Grade: Sharayu Sangvikar & Kushagra Sharma
5th Grade: Sai Krithika Belda & Swathi Mugundu Pradeep

It is noteworthy that the contest had positive ramifications beyond the Indian community: the Dunwoody Police Department, on its Facebook page, recognized and thanked the Jefferson community for hosting the event and noted that the Jefferson community has a thriving Neighborhood Watch program and the police appreciate all that they are doing to keep Dunwoody safe!


“Holi Drawing and Coloring Contest – 2017”
Shanker Bonaili
Published on Mar 15, 2017

[The article above is a Website Bonus Feature, appearing only on the website for April 2017, not in the print/digital issues.]

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