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Enchanted through Dance with Kalaxya

December 2018
Enchanted through Dance with Kalaxya


(Left) Some of the youngest students of Kalaxya. (All photos: Venkat Kuttua Photography) 

"Dance is nature. Listen to your heart, it dances with its own rhythm." – Pandit Birju Maharaj

Kalaxya Institute of Performing Arts (KIPA) presented their first annual dance recital, “Rasrang,” with all their heart and a lot of rhythm at the Infinite Energy Theater on October 20, 2018. The theme of this homegrown showcase was rasrang, colors of dance, demonstrating how various moods and shades of life can be presented by dance.

Kalaxya_Ganesh Vandana_crop_300x382.jpg


(Right) The Ganesh vandana. 

The journey began with a diya lighting ceremony and a dance of lights performed with over 100 candles, followed by a Ganesh vandana. Next, the audience got a flavor of various rasas of Kathak and life. The youngest Kathak dancers of the school enchanted everyone with a presentation of a technical piece demonstrating complicated footwork, coordinated hand movements, and spins. The youth of Kalaxya took everyone’s breath away with their graceful dances, fast movements, and facial expressions. Whether it was a slow, beautiful dance depicting bhavas or a fast beat tarana, the adult students of Kathak left the audience speechless with their dances and hard work. The advanced students lit the stage on fire with their high energy Shiva stotram dance. The Kathak segment was concluded with a solo by the director of KIPA​, Mital Patel. The performance of a chaturang (meaning four colors) tied all the compositions together into one beautiful presentation. The graceful movements of this dance were coupled with intricate footwork and multiple spins.


Kalaxya_Homage to Sridevi_Slide.jpg

Peacock dance.

The homage to Sridevi.

The Bollywood segment had the “fun meter” on a high number. The homage to Sridevi, where the tiny tots shook their legs to the evergreen star's songs, was as fun as the originals. This segment was filled with happy Bollywood songs and folk dances presenting bhangara and garba. The combination of the latest Bollywood hits along with evergreen melodies of yesteryear made the evening a truly enchanting experience.


Students as young as 4 years of age had the audience clapping and dancing, and earned a “once more.” The smiles on these little kids’ faces and the wings on their feet set the mood of happiness and excitement through the auditorium. Kalaxya put up a spectacular and dazzling show, with sweet and positive vibes in performers and everyone present.



Everyone appreciated the attention paid to details, from the carefully choreographed dances to the detailed props, from the costumes designed with so much love to the selection of songs. Kalaxya’s vision, creativity, passion, and devotion for the craft shone brightly, providing a great theatrical experience.

Kalaxya_Mital Patel performing Chaturang 2_crop 250x327.jpg

Kalaxya_Mital Patel performing Chaturang_250x327.jpg

Director of KIPA​, Mital Patel,  performing a chaturang.

The 2.5 hours show was executed by performers of ages 4 to 50+ years of age; dancing to 17 beautifully choreographed and rehearsed dances. The presence and blessing of Mr. Mustafa Ajmeri, along with an audience of almost 500 people made the evening a great success.

A special thanks and congratulations go to team Kalaxya, all dancers, performers, volunteers, and parents for their hard work and dedication. The beautiful event was a family affair hosted by Kalaxya Family.

The Director of KIPA, Mital Patel, started dancing at the young age of 7. She obtained her Visharad with Distinction in Kathak from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune. She has showcased her extensive experience in teaching, performing, and choreographing at many platforms in India, New Zealand, and USA.


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