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Fund-raising luncheon held to raise awareness of domestic violence

June 2008
Fund-raising luncheon held to raise awareness of domestic violence

Ribha Events and Twisted Hearts Foundation came together and organized a benefit luncheon held at Chima Steakhouse in Buckhead on Saturday, April 5th. The purpose of the luncheon was to raise funds for the Twisted Hearts Foundation and also to raise awareness that domestic violence affects every culture, every class, and every group.

The event was organized by Rita Rama Patel from Ribha Events. Twisted Hearts founder and sponsor of the luncheon, Nene Leakes, shared her personal story with the crowd. She remarked at how most people would look at her today and believe it wasn’t possible for her to have suffered violence at the hands of a partner. People may see someone and assume that they’re too wealthy or too educated or too powerful to ever be a victim of domestic violence. The reality is that victims of domestic violence can be wealthy and poor, black and white, American and immigrant.

It was a moving event with several speakers sharing stories about how domestic violence has impacted their lives. Lisa Hartwell talked about her hardships with her marriage.   My Sister's House representative spoke about their organization. The organization has been supporting domestic violence victims of all denominations for over 10 years now.

Monica Modi Khant, Board Chair at Raksha and President of the Georgia Asylee and Immigration Network, was invited to share the perspective of the South Asian community. Raksha, Inc. provides South Asians in Georgia with the resources to face challenges such as domestic violence, family violence, discrimination, harassment, and sexual assault. Ms. Khant spoke about the assumption within the South Asian community that, “It doesn’t happen to us.” Because of the attitude, Monica remarked, “When it does happen to us it’s very difficult for women to get support, to even be believed.” Ms. Modi Khant specifically spoke about domestic violence and how it affects the South Asian community and the children in our community are the ultimate victims.   

The grand sponsor of the event was Jackson Securities. Chima Brazilian Steakhouse provided the food and the ambiance for the luncheon. Prriya and Chintans provided goody bags for women with jewelry, magazines and information on resources for survivors of domestic violence.

~Tonja Holder

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