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Gaiety at Punjabi Diwali Dhamaka—with chikka saps!

December 2019
Gaiety at Punjabi Diwali Dhamaka—with chikka saps!

The Greater Atlanta Punjabi Society’s Diwali Dhamaka was a festive family celebration held on November 9, 2019 in the Ashiana Banquet Hall of Global Mall in Norcross, GA. A full house enjoyed the evening organized by Kamlesh Chugh and Krishan Goyal.

Emcees Kratika Jain and Kamlesh Chugh introduced singer Shelley Chinnan, dancer Maria Martynova, and a team from Shiv’s Institute of Dance who performed to Diwali Bollywood songs.



(Right) White chikka saps (clappers) sounded like many hands clapping joyously!

White chikka saps, lattice-like clappers, were used in the folk dance by Atlanta Bhangra Academy to produce a sound like many hands clapping joyously!

There was impromptu dancing from the audience, and the GAPS team (President Vir Nanda, Vice Chairman Kamlesh Chugh, Chairman Krishan Goyal, Ani Agnihotri, Kapil Handa, Mahesh Sachdeva, Madhvi Narula, Sachin Gupta, Jasjeet Singh, K. D. Sharma) handed out prizes.

All enjoyed the music by DJ Tiger and the sumptuous food.

GAPS Diwali_deities_crop 200.jpg

GAPS Diwali_entry_1_680.jpg



(Below) GAPS Vice Chairman Kamlesh Chugh, Ani Agnihotri, President Vir Nanda, Chairman Krishan Goyal, and Madhvi Narula.

GAPS Diwali_kratika jain_Kamlesh Chugh 4_300.jpg

GAPS Diwali_Maria_8_300x498.jpg

GAPS Diwali_seated table_19_680.jpg

GAPS Diwali_Singer Shelley Chinan_21_300x592.jpg



Website Bonus Feature

At GAPS Diwali 2019: the dance with chikka saps:

A book describing chikka saps and more:
Folk Dances of Punjab By Aarohi Walia (2008)


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