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Georgia’s 4th District Contestant Mr. Joe Profit hosts a Community Health Fair

By Mahadev Desai
December 2018
Georgia’s 4th District Contestant Mr. Joe Profit hosts a Community Health Fair

(Photos: Mahadev Desai and Jay Sampat, MD)

Mr. Joe Profit, a former American football running back with the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL, who was running as a Republican for Congress in Georgia's 4th Congressional District, requested Dr. Jay Sampat to host a free Community Health Fair at Cherians Fellowship Hall in Decatur, Georgia, on Saturday, November 3, 2018. The Health Fair was conducted in association with GAPI, Sai Health Fair, and GINA.

Dr. Sampat, who conducts the free GAPI clinic during first and third Saturdays of each month at Global Mall in Norcross, agreed to conduct the clinic.

Profit HF_table2445_MD_420.JPG

From early morning, over 200 people attended the Health Fair for blood tests and also availed themselves of the free medical consultations. Twenty medical specialists supported by over 35 nurses, technicians, and volunteers participated.

Over 50 cost-effective CBC, comprehensive chemistry profile blood tests along with HbA1c were carried out at a nominal fee of $35 per test. Lab work was provided by American Clinical Labs and Gwinnett Heart Specialists. Results of the blood work are mailed within ten days with instructions. These results help to identify some of the pertinent information which will be immediately notified to the participants to follow up with their physicians.

Over 50 EKGs were carried out by Emory Southern Heart Specialists and Dr. Sreeni Gangasani’s Cardiovascular Group. Bone Mineral Density screening tests were in big demand. More than 45 bone-density tests were performed by a team of Madhu Reddy and GINA member Cicily Joseph, RN, under supervision of Dr. Sujatha Reddy. About 50% were abnormal. These bone density tests helped participants become aware of osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Advice on diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, exercise, and nutrition was given by Raquel Merced.

Stroke Risk Factor education was provided by GINA President Vidya Kanagaraj, RN, and GINA members Agnes, Ancy, Jensine, Cicily Kanjira, and Scicily Joseph. Stroke is a leading cause of death in the U.S. Also called a ‘brain attack,’ stroke occurs when a clot blocks the blood supply to the brain or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts. Time is critical in preventing long term damage, hence the patient must be taken to the hospital immediately.

Owen Wu, a Georgia State University student, who is doing a premedicine major, and three other students from Suwanee-based medical school PCOM, Hao Shen, Julia Dave, and Kajal Patel, and also Shahzeen and Kaaryn did commendable volunteering throughout the Fair.

Profit HF_Gangasani7346DrS_300.jpeg

Free consultations were provided by dedicated, committed and widely respected medical specialists in the medical field as follows:
Internal Medicine consults by Dr. Jay Sampat, Dr. Vijay Vyas, Dr. Darshana Vyas, Dr. Tulasi Vanapalli, and Dr. Piyush Patel;
Opthalmology: Dr. Indira Menon;
Orthopedics: Dr. Palghat Mohan, Dr. Raju Vanapalli;
Resurgens Orthopedics: Dr. Lattisha Bilbrew and Dr.Raju Vanapalli;
Cardiology: Dr. Sreeni Gangasani (pictured at right), Dr. Neelagaru, Dr. S.Kuppuswami;
Dermatology: Dr. Tulasi Vanapalli;
Gastroenterology: Dr. Kavitha Gopal and Dr. Palghat Mohan;
Dentistry: Dr. Supriti Balyan;
Psychiatry: Dr. Sujatha Reddy;
all interacted with patients through free consultations.

Ms. Gwin Madison of American Clinical Laboratory provided much needed help in blood drawing.

Profit HF_sm gp2450_MD_Slide.JPG

Publicity coverage was carried by Khabar magazine, NRI Pulse, Telugu Patrika, Wownow, Rashtra Darpan, Desi Express, and Atlanta Dunia. Members of the AllatRa TV were also present to cover the event.

Mr. Profit (pictured at left, front row, fourth from the left) commented, “I am having this Health Fair available to the people of the 4th District and others to make sure they have access to affordable health care, and it is free! Sadly, affordable health care has become a political football. I have played football all my life, from elementary school to National Football League with the Atlanta Falcons. When you make sports or healthcare political, it eliminates the whole purpose of our existence. We should make sure that we are accountable to the people. If you are sick, your illness doesn’t care whether you are Republican or Democrat, rich or poor. I strongly feel that all should have equal access to affordable health care. I hope and pray that this country must once again become one nation under God.”

Profit HF_med gp7357DrS_420.jpeg

Mr. Profit (pictured at left, back row, seventh from the left) thanked Dr. Reddy, Dr. Sampat, P. I. Joy, GAPI, GINA, and Sai Health Fair, all the doctors, nurses, technicians, and volunteers for their tireless efforts, for making the Health Fair event a grand success. Mr. Profit said correctly, “I really appreciate what you all do. You are not just giving your professionalism and your time but giving your concerns. Let everybody know how we feel about each other.There is only one race, the human race. I appreciate you all coming on Saturday and making healthcare accessible, not as a talking point but as a reality. I make this commitment: when I go to Washington, I want people to know what you guys are doing. We have enough Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians, but we need more Americans. ‘Who are we’? Are we one nation under God? I promise that when I go out there I represent everybody whether they vote for me or not. Dr. Reddy has requested me that I should meet every Congressman and urge every physician in his/her State to volunteer a few hours in helping all those who cannot afford healthcare. I wholeheartedly agree. We are known for town hall meetings but we need to be known for healthcare meetings. Thank you once again.”

The President of Think Development Systems, Inc.and CEO of Joy TV, Mr. P. I.Joy also thanked all the participants in the Health Fair. He further thanked Cherians Fellowship Hall for the spacious accommodation for the Health Fair.

Profit HF_lg gp7381DrS_640.jpeg

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