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Gudi Padva Shobha Yatra by dholtasha- lezim organization

June 2024
Gudi Padva Shobha Yatra by dholtasha- lezim organization

North Atlanta Dhol Tasha and Lezim (NADTAL), an organization focused on groups playing dhol, tasha, and lezim, and created to preserve the tradition, heritage, and culture of Maharashtra, organized a Shobha Yatra on Gudi Padva, the traditional new year for Marathi Hindus, at Chinmoy Gurukul, Alpharetta, on April 13, 2024.

[Left] Women dressed in traditional nauvari on the occasion of Gudi Padva.

AT_14_06_24.jpgThe preparations for the parade started about three to four months in advance. On the day prior to the event, groups of volunteer women were engaged in preparation of the Chaitra month Haldi Kumkum ritual.

[Right] Palki for the saints of Maharashtra.

On the day of the event, artists and volunteers gathered at Chinmoy Gurukul. At one end of a bamboo, a AT_13_06_24.jpgknot of silk cloth, mango, neem leaves, flower garland, and a sugar crystal garland called gathi, were tied and a copper vessel was mounted on it. This flag or Gudi was tied and secured at one place. A colorful rangoli was drawn around it and other arrangements were made for Gudi Puja.

Soaked lentils and raw mango beverage called panha, a specialty of the Chaitra month’s Haldi Kumkum, were served at entry. Women were welcomed with Haldi Kumkum and flowers. To remember this special Gudi Padwa 2024, dressed in traditional attire, everyone took photos in front of the beautifully prepared photo booths.

[Left] The event drew large crowds.

AT_11_06_24.jpgGudi pooja was done as per the instructions of the Guruji. Sharing new year wishes was a wonderful way to start the procession on a positive note.

Dhol, tasha, and lezim players, along with cymbal players, got ready for the Yatra. Women wore nine-yard sarees with crescent moon drawn on their forehead, pearl jewelry in the nose, and hair in a bun. They were joined by men and children wearing colorful traditional kurta pajama and the traditional turban known as pheta.

[Right] The Shobha Yatra paid homage to Shivaji.


The presence of the orange flag with Shivaji Maharaj’s image, along with the chamar flag bearing the NADTAL name, not only honored these historical figures but also signified the pride and respect the community holds for its roots. The visual of children dressed in traditional and historical costumes added a layer of educational significance to the event, teaching them and the onlookers about important figures and attire from Maharashtra’s past. The parade included the lezim, cymbal, and dhol players; the palaki carrying the revered figure of Shri Gajanan Maharaj; and a truck decorated with flowers showcasing revered figures like Shivaji Maharaj, Mata Jijai, and Rani Sai Bai.

[Left] NADTAL dhol tasha pathak in its traditional glory.


Shobha yatra started with the blowing of conch. Following a stroke on the dhol, “Indra Jimi Jrimbhapar,’’ the poem praising Shivaji Maharaj, echoed in the sky with a loud voice. The orange flag and sign were raised high. The cymbals rang out. Every drum beat hard and roared. A demonstration of lezim game in the Shobha Yatra started with this energizing sound.

[Right] The event also celebrated Lord Ganesh.

The instrumentalists of the yatra performed their art with full confidence. Listening to this mesmerizing live music of the drums, the audience responded energetically by dancing along. This interactive element between the performers and the crowd made the cultural event powerful and memorable.

The procession ended with a group photo to capture the moment and celebrate the collective effort of everyone involved.

—Meenal Gadre

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