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Hindi/Urdu poetry resonates in beautiful academic setting

February 2013
Hindi/Urdu poetry resonates in beautiful academic setting



Left: Manju Tiwari and Sandhya Bhagat are organizers, emcees, and participants. (Photos: Anil Bhagat)


“Hindi Urdu Sanjhay Bol” was heard once again, this time in the halls of Agnes Scott University. Ever since 2007, this unique platform of the Hindi Urdu languages has created an opportunity for many local male and female poets.





Right: Aqsa Farooqui and Shyam Tiwari give an informative presentation.

Keeping the promise of never repeating any acts, the program was new and entertaining. Sometimes while writing poetry, we are unaware of what styles and standards to go by. In this show, famous writing styles were discussed to show how poetry is composed and written. First, videos and pictures of past events were shown by Kartikay Bhagat. Then Mr. Shyam Tiwari and Mrs. Aqsa Farooqui told the audience about the many different styles of literature in the vast Hindi and Urdu world, e.g. doha and chopai (Hindi), and rubai and fatihaa (Urdu).



Participant Anton Wilson, here with Mercedes Hines Wilson, Sophia Smith, and Sandhya Baghat, has Indian heritage and an interest in Hindi.

Sandhya Bhagat and Manju Tiwari made the introductions: capturing the audience’s full attention, Brijrani Verma, Shiva Upadhyay, Vijay Nikor, Waqas Khwaja, Anton Wilson, Tahir Syaal, Vimal Nikor, Ashok Goyal, Umay Khwaja, Maqbul Qureshi, Aslam Parvez, Sandhya Bhagat, Manju Tiwari, and Alnasir Panjwani, shared their talents. Visitors Anton Wilson, Mercedes Hines Wilson, and Sophia Smith enjoyed the atmosphere of literary knowledge.

Organizers, audience, and participants always pitch in to conclude with a delicious dinner for all. Donors Kush Kumar and Alnasir Pangwani and volunteers Gandharv Bhagat and Vijay Tandon were thanked, as well as Dr. Waqas Khwaja, Professor of the English department at Agnes Scott College for his help in booking Rebekah Scott Hall. Though this location for the program was new, the room was well equipped and the lovely building was perfect for it.



In a quiet moment in a beautiful old building, Sandhya and Manju prepare for poetry.

“Hindi Urdu Sanjhay Bol" proudly presents the colorful world of Hindi/Urdu poetry, from writers near or far, young or old, amateur or mature in the field. Just as a river flows continuously and its waters always stay fresh, this poetry will always flow and stay fresh with time, with the assistance of such programs. To be part of a program, or for questions/suggestions, please contact Sandhya Bhagat, 404-513-9926 or Manju Tiwari, 678-576-8513, or hindi.urdu.sanjhebol@gmail.com.




Posted February 1, 2013.

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